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16 Hacks to Become Smarter In 7 Days

16 Hacks to Become Smarter In 7 Days

The first hack is to take fish oil capsules fish oil is actually scientifically proven by do my coursework to make you smarter because eating foods rich in omega-3 like fish oil capsules boosts blood flow to the brain and improves the brain performance during mental tasks the second hack is to drink plenty of water it is extremely important to stay hydrated every single day. Because according to researchers students who drink lots of water to better in exams and have better grades because water maximizes brainpower the third hack is to eat as healthy as possible make sure to have at least one fruit or vegetable in every meal.

If you eat healthy your body and brain will thank you the fourth hack is to read whenever you can reading as many of you probably already know increases your vocabulary and also improves your writing but the best part about this hack is that you can actually become smarter by reading your favorite article or magazines anything that requires you to read and comprehend will work the fifth hack is to do puzzles in your spare time puzzles are a great fun and effective way to improve your problem-solving skills.  As well as increasing your brainpower what if you have some time pull up a chair and do some Sudoku or if you prefer technology find a puzzle app that you like the sixth hack is to do the number plate game this game is really simple and it’s great if you want to improve your mental math’s basically all you do is take the numbers of a number plate of a car you see nearby and you try to make ten by using addition subtraction multiplication and division so for example if you have numbers for eight and two you could do eight plus four divided by two which makes ten the seven pack is to talk to smart people.

Often so this might sound really weird but this is actually pretty helpful because when you talk to smart people and I’m not trying to be stereotypical here because this is actually true you learn new vocabulary as well as something useful general knowledge the eight pack is to change the way you explain things when you explain things try your best to explain things logically and more explicit try using some new or advanced vocabulary to improve in your writing as well as reading comprehension the ninth pack is to always try to pay attention in class I know this may be really obvious but if you want to get good grades without actually studying at home try to pay as much attention as possible in class I have a video called twelve hacks to stay focused in class so make sure to go check it out.

I’ll leave the link and the description box down below the 10 pack is to listen to classical music listening to classical music has so many benefits including maximizing your brain power as well as things like keeping your stress levels down whenever you have time listen to some Mozart or Bach the 11 pack is to play an instrument this is kind of like an add-on to the last hack but if you have access to an instrument then go ahead and play it it is actually proven to have so many benefits including making you smarter the twelve pack is the limit TV time if you can limit your TV time to an hour or less per day and either go outside or something away from technology the thirteenth pact is to stay positive try to stay positive as much as possible because negativity actually impacts your brain and your grades way more than you actually think try to look for the positive side of things and always try to think of the glass half full and not half empty the fourteenth pact is to develop a new hobby so this kind of links with the hack I just mentioned but having a hobby has so many benefits including keeping you happy and stress-free so next time you find yourself with a lot of free time do something you enjoy or find something new that you love the 15 pact is to get enough sleep I know I mentioned this all the time like I swear I say this in every single one of my videos but that is because this is so important and this is really overlooked by everyone always try to get eight hours sleep every day even if this means going to bed half an hour earlier than usual the 16 pack is do not multitask this last hack doesn’t actually make you smarter but prevents decay of your brain and stops you from losing your intelligence there are also lots of consequences which come with multitasking so avoided at all costs so hope you guys enjoyed I would love to know which hack was your favorite so let me know in the comment section down below as always make sure to subscribe give this video a thumbs up and comment down below what video you would like me to do next bye guys happy studying.


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