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5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Wireless Headphones

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Wireless Headphones

Now there are a huge number of different TWS headphones on the market. Probably more than they only cover smartphones. Despite all this diversity, headphones differ from each other not only in price and sound quality but also in connection speed and battery life. When choosing headphones, price is not always the determining factor. Many mistakenly believe that AirPods are the benchmark among TWS headphones and buy them blindly, after which they complain about them. These headphones are not perfect, like any other. In order not to miscalculate with the purchase, we have put together a small checklist for you, studying which you can choose the perfect headphones.

Which Headphone Shape Is Better?

It’s worth starting with the most common problem associated with the shape of the headphones. It depends on how long you can wear them. The point is not at all in their service life, but in how convenient they are for you. The most common problem is the earbuds falling out of the ears and discomfort when they are in the ears.

For some users, even replaceable ear pads do not help – because of them, the headphones stick out of their ears. But if you choose the most universal option, then it’s just in-ear: the “plugs” are fixed in the ears and it’s convenient to play sports, walk and not worry that they will get lost in them.

Headphone sound quality

Many are chasing the brand, not paying attention to the sound. It seemed that the days when everyone wanted Beats were long gone. But even now there are similar situations when users make a purchase blindly. Be sure to test them to know more about the sound of your favorite genre. Don’t forget to play special effects, and equalizer settings. Be sure to pay attention to whether there is a sound delay in the headphones. Wireless sports headphones technology must be at least 5.0 so that the sound is without delay and has waterproofing IPX5 as well.

Microphone in wireless headphones

Remember that you need headphones not only for listening to music but also for phone calls or video calls. It is convenient to answer in this way even with full-size headphones. Unfortunately, microphones are not always pleasing – sometimes, the sound quality leaves much to be desired. It depends on the quality of the components, their location, as well as the presence of algorithms that can make the voice clearer.

Before buying, be sure to test the microphones by calling someone: there are often headphones in which the quality of music playback is at its best, but they seem to have saved money on microphones. It is up to you to decide whether you are ready to put up with it and what is more important.

Noise-canceling in headphones

Agree, that noise reduction in headphones is a popular thing, but not always necessary. For example, it’s nice to turn on the noise canceling when you’re riding in a noisy subway car or when you need to be alone with yourself. If this is important to you, then you should check out the noise reduction: in some instances, it works even too well, and in some, the transparency remains so that you do not abstract much from the world around you.

The battery in wireless headphones

TWS headphones are the same gadget with a battery as a smartphone. You don’t buy a smartphone with a weak battery, do you? Do not do the same with headphones: pay attention to battery capacity, operating time, and recharging time. By the way, the power of the charging case itself also plays an important role – it depends on how quickly your headset is charged to the optimum level, as well as how many times you can recharge them completely.


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