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7 Post Ideas On Instagram You Should Try in 2022

It is undisputed that Instagram is the preferred platform for business marketing campaigns.Brands such as National Geographic or Nike found the secret to Instagram’s success.But managing the Instagram account isn’t an easy task.We know that Instagram is primarily about images; however, posting pictures or videos won’t be here

Since 90percent of users follow more than one company on Instagram, brands must increase their efforts and develop different strategies to ensure that their Instagram account is current and keep their followers interested.

I’ve put together twelve Instagram ideas and posts to share on your feed that could be useful if you’re developing your digital marketing strategy on Instagram.

1. Teasers for the release of new products

Each product’s release must be announced to your followers.Be cautious! If you push too hard, your readers will be overwhelmed by your pushy attitude.This is why product teasers are excellent Instagram post ideas for talking about your product using simple language.

Look at these latest posts from Briogeo, the hair care company that sells natural products.

The Briogeo Instagram products teasers.

These posts got thousands of followers each, which is enormous! They’re effective because they’re casual and don’t want to directly market these items.

There is a higher chance that customers will purchase your product when you don’t put them in front of them.Even if they do not purchase them, they’ll be engaged with your content, and that’s just as crucial.

Continue reading the study [Instagram Study]: 102,700,573 Posts show how Instagram Engagement Rate Drops to the Values It Was In 2019

2. Join forces with influencers

The global market for influencers is projected to increase by $6 billion from 2020 to $24.1 billion by 2025.There is a reason why companies are increasingly choosing to work with influencers to help get their message before the eyes of other people.

Not only are influencers adept at making brands more visible. They also have credibility.However, utilizing the most influential influencers can only increase brand awareness. Therefore, the starting point is researching and finding influencers relevant to your business.

These images showcase Adidas Originals’ partnerships with influential people.Below are Instagram posts showing how Adidas Originals partnered with Pharrell Williams, the famous musician known as a producer. Launch the release of a new collection of sneakers.

Pharrell enjoys 12.8 million fans, which signifies that Adidas has exposed itself to millions of new customers.

3. Show that you care

Inclusion. Compassion. Authenticity. Visibility.One of the most effective methods of building trust and trust in your followers is to share content on Instagram that shows your involvement with your audience.

For example, it is June, which is LGBTQIA and Pride month.

It’s not a surprise that most of the top brands launched campaigns and exclusive collections during June to mark the month of pride.If you’re unsure what you should share on Instagram, Below is a list of suggestions for content from notable footwear brands, such as UGG, Dr. Martens, or Converse, who chose to express their appreciation and love for the LGBTQ group on Instagram.

These are examples of companies that have maintained their spirit of pride month after month on Instagram.The saying goes Do what you are good at, and the good will follow you!

4. Let your employees shine in the spotlight

If you’re looking for something to share on Instagram, you must turn your focus to posts focused specifically on employees.Sharing stories from your employees is another way to show your customers the human side of your company.

This Instagram page concept can help you build an emotional bond with your followers and help them believe more in your brand’s credibility.If you’re looking for ideas, take a look at Starbucks’s method of connecting with its customer by sharing the stories of its employees.These are some examples of Starbucks employees’ stories posted on Instagram.

The stories tell the brand’s story, making it easy to understand and user-friendly. They also show that they encourage diversity and inclusion by sharing the stories of individuals from diverse cultures.

5. Podcasts are recorded with industry leaders.

Hosting podcasts, interviews, or Q&A sessions with industry experts are the best content to post on Instagram for those who want to build relationships with your followers.

Sharing your insights can also benefit your followers and your business since it can attract new fans.There are plenty of ways to publish podcasts through Instagram. It’s not necessary to put the host on camera.

Below are the Socialinsider podcast Instagram posts.

Instead, you could share an excerpt of the podcast and add stories or lists of learning, as Socialinsider did in the cases in previous.

6. Do fun Instagram Reels

One of Instagram’s best-loved functions, Reels, allows users to make short videos on the platform.This feature has opened up a new world of possibilities for exciting and innovative Instagram content for companies.

Reels are the perfect method of letting your clients know more about you if you’re an independent company or a big one.

This is the way Sephora employs reels for its Instagram page.

Sephora offers great Instagram Reels suggestions in its Instagram feed. The company saw the potential reels and took it up!

From tutorials to swatching videos to product demos, Sephora discovered the recipe for showcasing their products, creating connections, and engaging their customers.

7. Run Instagram giveaways

Therefore, Instagram offers and competitions make gold content. Howevere, yes put cash into the products you’re offering others. However, the number of followers and engagement you’ll get is priceless.

Running Instagram contests ensures engagement. The participants will post photos of your products on Instagram with friends and share the news.

Here are a few examples of giveaways that successful food companies run.These are just a few examples of food brands that organize promotions on Instagram.

They gave away an incentive that was appropriate for their intended audience. They made it easy to participate in the contest by clearly describing the steps.


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