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9 Popular Instagram Trends in 2022

9 Popular Instagram Trends in 2022

You’re wondering about the biggest Instagram trends for 2022 are?

We’re barely halfway into the year, and Instagram already Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia has witnessed some major shifts!

From posts that can be purchased to the most recent fashion trends, We’ll be covering the most popular Instagram trends that will be hitting Instagram this season!

In order to keep your business up to date Here are the top 9 sought-after Instagram trends of 2022 (so far):

Popular Instagram Trends To Watch For in 2022 #1: Tap to Edit

As Instagram aesthetics continue to be at the forefront of attention, Instagrammers are now looking to their favorite celebrities for new photo applications and editing techniques to help their photos stand out.

Influencers this year are showing the results of their “before and after” edits on Instagram Stories — and many are offering their personal Lightroom presets to let followers duplicate their style!

The transformations of photos are stunning and a bit addictive to move your fingers back and forth on. Blogger Jaci Marie has shared the “before and after” edits to show how she creates her signature warm glow.

Do you have some tips for editing photos that you have developed?

It’s crucial that your Instagram feed is well-curated and regular, don’t hesitate to follow the trend and display your followers the “before and after” on your post or in an image carousel. Your followers will appreciate knowing what’s happening behind the filters and will appreciate any tips you’re willing impart.

#2: Cross-Promoting Instagram Posts & Stories Content

Instagram Stories has exploded over the past year, with more than 300 million people engaging with stories every single day. Naturally, businesses are investing all in the platform as it’s one of the most effective ways to engage with their customers!

Driving Traffic From Stories to Instagram Posts

With increasing numbers of users turning their attention to Instagram Stories, users have used stories to promote their normal posts. Instead of adding an image of the post on stories, they are able to share their post using the new feature of re-sharing.

Stories that are shared on Instagram Stories will display the author’s username and let users tap the username to go to the original post.

There are tons of possibilities to utilize this latest Instagram feature. Whether you want to share a relatable post or draw the attention of a brand new campaign Re-sharing is an excellent method to boost interest and increase the number of eyes on your content.

Twitter user Bethany Menzel uses the new stories re-share feature to announce giveaways that are happening on her blog:

Driving Traffic From Instagram Posts to Stories

When last year focused on using the “new post” slide in stories to get people on Instagram’s Instagram feed. However, now we’re getting ready to see the trend shift towards the other direction.

Many companies are now sending their followers towards the Instagram Stories, by “teasing” their content on Instagram through an Instagram post.

Take Mango for example, frequently, they launch their latest collections via stories, and then uses the Instagram post to provide their followers a sneak peek and inform them the best places to look for more information:

Outsite, which is a community of living and co-working spaces, also utilizes Instagram posts to inform their followers when they’ll host an open house, showcasing the new space or any other significant occasion, bringing people to their page through the process: One thing to bear in mind when you employ this strategy is that Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, it is possible to change your story’s description once it is finished!

It is also possible to redirect your viewers to the content that is in Your Instagram Stories Highlights! Instagram Stories Highlights can be a great method to communicate important information about your business right through your Instagram profile. However, there are many different ways to utilize highlights for an advertising tool for your business!

#3: Instagram is Going Retro With Vintage Filters and Templates

Instagrammers of 2022 are getting old-fashioned using film filters and disposable camera apps and even vintage templates!

The most well-known of the retro applications, HUJI Cam, takes photographs and automatically applies a only one filter, lens flare and a 1998 time stamp at the bottom of the photo.

Influencers with a following like High End Hippie and Peace Love Shea have gone all-in using the app and have created tons of stories and feeds using HUJI Cam. Selena Gomez has even taken to the trend, and posted images of HUJI scattered across her social media feeds: For video content, people have turned to applications such as 8mm which can create old-fashioned films by adding scratches and dust retro filters as well as light leaks.

Other popular film applications, like Unfold lets users apply various borders of film and polaroid to their photos. They are popping up everywhere on Instagram Stories:

If you think this Instagram trend is coming to an conclusion or is here to stay There’s a lot of focus on being creative using Instagram Stories by 2022. Although 2017 was the year to get obsessed with your feed’s design, in 2018 you’ll see companies investing more time in enhancing the quality of their Instagram Stories strategy.

#4: Shoppable Posts Will Keep Flooding Your Feeds

Instagram is now a full-fledged online store because Instagram’s Shoppable Posts has officially gone worldwide and is now accessible to users in nine different countries.

With over half a billion active users and more than half one million ads, it’s just an issue of time before users began buying items directly from the app!

The feature was initially accessible to a select group of retail stores in 2017 but now it’s been expanded and is available to all Instagram businesses We expect that trend to “shopping on Instagram” only to increase from here.

If you’re a small-scale business or publisher seeking an easy method to drive traffic to your website using a feature such as may be ideal for you! It’s the best method to bring traffic from the Instagram account Instagram accounts to blog, product pages or web page.

#5: Frequently Asked DM’s

Each website should have the “Frequently Asked Questions” section which is why your Instagram should be too! As more and more people are turning to Instagram to find businesses It’s essential to provide all the details they’re seeking.

Read What You Should Know About Why Your Instagram Profile is Now the New Homepage to find out how you can improve the performance of your Instagram profile to turn people who visit your profile to followers!

Influencers and businesses alike are using Instagram Stories to answer the most frequently asked DMs. The platform is an excellent method to reduce your time spent in business and address questions that are likely to be appearing within your email inbox.

Every Sunday, fashion blogger Jacey Duprie responds to frequently requested inquiries through Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories:

Jacey Duprie is renowned for being a highly responsive and engaging person and as her followers continue growing, she’s using her stories as a way to answer questions is an excellent way for her to stay connected her fans. Spending the time to interact with your followers will show your followers that you’re available and invite them to reach out to you in DMs.

FAQs can be great material to add to the Instagram Stories Highlights! Sezane, a clothing brand, has their FAQs in the front in their page:

This is a great spot for companies to list information about shipping, return and exchange policies, as well as any other information that could be beneficial for customers to be aware of!

#6: Emoji Slider Polls

The brand new Emoji Slider is part of one of the most recent updates to the most popular stories, and users are already raving about the new Instagram feature.

Emoji Slider Emoji Slider acts similar to polls, which allow users to decide how much they like or dislike something using an animated emoji displayed on an incline.

If you come across an Emoji Slider within an article, simply drag the Emoji left or right, and watch it move when you decide:

There are plenty of amazing ways to interact with your customers through your Emoji Slider in your Instagram Stories. If you’re seeking input from your customers or need to entertain your followers with the latest Instagram feature is a fantastic method to improve your Stories content!

#7: GIFs Are Having a Serious Moment

Flashing, blinking and swirling GIFs are among the most popular Instagram trends to be seen on stories this year.

In the spring of this year Instagram has teamed with GIPHY to create an impressive library of GIFs in Instagram Stories. Instagram users are in awe of the new feature, and are incorporating the animated videos into their posts in fun and imaginative ways.

If you’ve been searching for ways to make content more interesting, innovative and entertaining, then using Instagram Stories GIFs might be the solution!

With the integration of GIPHY, Instagram Stories has continued to release new features to allow you to showcase your brand’s image. With a few easy tricks and a touch of imagination, you can make use of Instagram Stories GIFs to stay in the forefront of your fans and keep returning to see more! There is a step-by-step Instagram tutorial on how to include GIFs on Instagram Stories here.

#8: “Accounts to Follow” Shoutouts on Instagram Stories

It’s either way This trend on Instagram is here to remain.

Although the trend, which is often called “Follow Friday” has received some criticism, it could be a great opportunity to connect with your followers by showing them appreciation for your profile. You could even receive an acknowledgement in return which will drive them back to your account.

Not sure of what I’m talking about?

Each week, bloggers review their most popular accounts and highlight the accounts on their Instagram Stories:

It’s a modern day engagement pod– generally, when you see an account of a blogger that’s featured they’re likely to make appearances on their featured friend’s page too.

Be aware, although certain of your followers might be happy with the recommendations, it could be perceived as a bit shady. If you’re joining the trend, be sure to keep your shoutouts on your account to a minimum. Only include your top picks in the roundup.

#9: Self-Care is Seriously Trending

In this age of technology, in which we’re constantly connected People are (ironically) posting on Instagram to show their ways of unplugging. Face masks, yoga, meditation and hiking – regardless of what “self-care” means to you is hot and is expected to be trending by 2022.

This year is all about being authentic on Instagram Which means more detailed captions and an unintentionally “filtered” look into your favourite Instagrammers lives.

As far as Instagram trends are concerned this is one buymalaysianfollowers that we can all get on with. Whatever brings you joy or makes you feel relaxed do not be afraid to make it known!

This year is all about being honest with your followers and reminding everyone that of the fact that we’re all part of this. *CUE MUSIC*


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