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9 Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai for Honeymoon Couples

9 Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai for Honeymoon Couples

Dubai is like an oasis in the desert with a perfect blend of modernity, traditions, culture, and luxury. It has everything, from the world-class shopping experience and adventure to white sandy beaches and romantic places to visit in Dubai for honeymooners. A Dubai honeymoon isn’t only a fantastic experience for newlyweds, but all the luxury and amenities it has will rejuvenate the couple after a tiring wedding season. From a long list of places, we have sorted out 9 romantic places to visit on your honeymoon.

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12 Unmissable Places to Visit In Dubai For Honeymooners

1. Burj Khalifa-

It is one of the iconic and best places to visit in Dubai. The heart and soul of Dubai, this magnificent skyscraper is the tallest building in the world and an epitome of stunning engineering and architecture. The two observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors of the tower let you enjoy the skyline of this glamorous city. The “At the Top” observation deck is the most popular for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Inside the Dubai Mall is the spectacular Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo, where thousands of aqua animals and species reside amid artificial corals. Rays and sharks are the main attractions, with a massive group of pelagic fish. Take a walk-through glass tunnel, and add exquisite aquatic experiences such as cage snorkeling, shark diving, or shark walker with marine life inside a 10-million liter water tank. Do not overlook to include this on your itinerary of places to visit in Dubai.

3. Bollywood Parks

If you are a diehard fan of Bollywood romance, action, and songs, then Bollywood Park should be on your list of places to visit in Dubai on your honeymoon. The park is, among other themes passed the park in Dubai and celebrates the legendary film industry. There are 3D and 4D rides, live shows, movie-making experiences, and stage performances. After having fun at the park, you can indulge in mouthwatering Indian food at the train restaurant in the Victoria Station replica.

4. Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is a place for everyone, whether kids or adults. Spread across 52000 sq. ft, it is home to 20 varieties of exotic parrots, 06 bottlenose dolphins, and fur seals. In a 45-minute dolphin and seal show, watch cute and cuddly animals do tricks like dance, jump, juggle, and even play basketball on command. Moreover, you can also swim with dolphins. In a bird show, you see green-winged macaws, blue and gold macaws, Eclectus Parrots, and many more exotic birds.

5. Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is among the ideal places to visit in Dubai for honeymooners. The theme park offers five themes that bring magic, history, and art. Glow Park is created using handmade environment-friendly lights. Look through the history of human existence to prehistoric creatures in dinosaurs’ parks. The magic park has surprises with 3D artworks and also 25 fun exhibits. Additionally, the Ice park displays wildlife through ice sculptures. And last is the Art park which exhibits infinite unique art.

6. Ski Dubai

Why should you explore the street in the city’s scorching heat when you can chill with your beloved and enjoy snow in Dubai? Ski Dubai is a ski resort that brings the real-life adventure of skiing. With plenty of activities like ziplining, skiing, snowboarding, encountering penguins, chairlift ride, and more, Ski Dubai makes a perfect romantic place to visit on a honeymoon. Also, there is a ski school where you can learn everything about skiing from world-class trainers.

7. Wild Wadi Water Park

Beat the heat of the city by escaping to this renowned Water Park. It is among the premier places to visit in Dubai and the water parks of the UAE. The park is based on an Arabian Folklore theme, tales of Juha. Additionally, the park has something for everyone. Experience some adventure and the wildest selection of water rides in the UAE. Further, spend some adventurous moments with your loved ones.

8. Jumeirah Beach

No honeymoon is ever complete without some romantic beach experience. This is among the favorite places to visit in Dubai. The white sandy beach is one the perfect places to walk in Dubai at night and for a romantic evening stroll, hand in hand with the love of your life. Additionally, the beach is home to many luxurious hotels and resorts. Whether you decide to book your hotel here or simply hang out soaking in the sun, the beach is an unmissable place in Dubai.

9. Kite Beach

Located near Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach is famous for its water sports and other activities and is among the most popular places to visit in Dubai. Stand-up paddle boarding, wakeboarding, and kite surfing are a few activities that you cannot miss while honeymooning in Dubai. The place also offers water sports such as windsurfing, cruising, parasailing, water-skiing, and many more. If you aren’t water sports people, you can enjoy beach sports like volleyball. Food trucks and outlets near the beach serve some delicious local cuisine and delicacies you must try. So you will be having beautiful and fun experiences with your loved ones.

Thinking about free places to visit in Dubai? Dubai is the second name of luxury and traditions with exotic places to visit. But trust us or not, you have plenty of free places to visit in Dubai. Camel Museum, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Fountain, Jumeirah Beach Corniche, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Burj Nahar, Infinity Tower / Cayan Tower, Coffee Museum, and many more.

Final Say

There are endless things to do in Dubai than one can ever imagine. Movie under the stars, desert safari, car gazing, cultural and heritage tour, flamingo watching, abra boat ride, Dhow cruise dinner at the marina, and Yacht tour are some things you must do on your honeymoon in Dubai. With so many places to visit in Dubai, make the best of your honeymoon by planning a customized itinerary with Roaming Routes.


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