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Adolescent Care in Noida

Adolescent Care in Noida

Adolescence is an age of rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth for young people. At this crucial juncture they can form patterns of behavior which either contribute or undermine to their future health and well-being.

Physicians can improve adolescent health outcomes by making their practices suitable for teens. This includes providing comfortable waiting rooms and exam rooms specifically for adolescents.

For adolescent care in Noida, opt for Niraamaya Clinic. 


Gynecology is the medical field dedicated to women’s health. This field covers both prevention and treatment of diseases that impact reproductive organs as well as sexual health issues like menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. A gynecologist can also offer advice regarding healthy lifestyle choices and self-care practices.

Adolescents are in an extremely important period of physical and emotional development, which may bring with it health concerns that should be addressed by healthcare providers. Primary care physicians should make their practices comfortable for adolescents so that they feel at ease during appointments; this will foster relationships that promote long-term adolescent wellbeing.

Dr Bhumika Shukla is one of the top gynaecologists in Noida. Having practiced ethical, transparent, and compassionate medicine for over a decade, her reputation as one of the finest gynaecologists is unparalleled. Featured in multiple national and international publications as one of her specialities – Abortion/Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), High Risk Pregnancy Care, Gynecological Endoscopy, Infertility Evaluation/ Treatment… among many other specializations – are among her specializations; satisfied patients have recommended her services; appointments can be booked via Practo; her office address can be found at Niramaya Clinic Sec 104 Noida


Adolescence is an exciting period of rapid physical, emotional and cognitive growth which may lead to health concerns. To support their wellbeing during this complex transitional period, adolescents require access to high-quality patient-centric care as well as sexuality education that is age appropriate, comprehensive and confidential. Unfortunately, teens may postpone seeking medical assistance due to lacking recognition skills for symptoms or thinking their issues don’t warrant treatment.

Practo has highly recommended her for Abortion/Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), Complicated Pregnancy Treatment, and Gynaecological Endoscopy services. With a friendly and approachable personality, it makes it easy for patients to open up. Her ethical, transparent, and compassionate practice seeks to provide all patients with top quality care.


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