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Alienware Aurora Gaming PC

Alienware Aurora Gaming PC

Alienware aurora is one of the top gaming PCs on the market due to its stunning design featuring RGB lighting, support for top-of-the-line components and straightforward upgradability.

The R13 model upholds this tradition, offering up to a 12th-generation Intel processor and either Nvidia or AMD graphics card options. Plus, its see-through side panel allows you to get at the internals without having to open up the system with tools.

Optimized airflow

Alienware aurora 2019 gaming PC boasts optimized airflow that keeps the system at ideal temperatures, enabling the CPU to work more efficiently without sacrificing performance.

Dell notes that their design keeps fans running at a lower speed to reduce temperatures of both the processor and fans themselves, thus decreasing noise while improving performance.

Comparing to previous generation systems, the Aurora is 13-16% quieter when idle and up to nine percent quieter during intensive tasks.

The Aurora features a more open layout than previous models to improve airflow, as well as a custom motherboard that places power connections towards the edges of the system. This enables it to house up to four 120mm fans and liquid cooling options – making it even more appealing for gamers who require quieter gameplay.

Customizable RGB lighting

The Alienware aurora gaming PC boasts a futuristic design and customizable RGB lighting that will surely turn heads. It supports the latest high-end components for playing modern games at their highest resolutions, plus its internal design makes upgrading easy – you can even pull out the power supply and swap in a new graphics card or more storage without needing any hardware modification!

Alienware provides gamers with a range of features they’ve come to expect, such as an updated Command Center with auto-tuned game profiles and intuitive overclocking options. Furthermore, its thermal control module can monitor internal temperatures and adjust fans accordingly for efficient heat removal while still keeping your system healthy.

Customize your aurora’s RGB lights with a range of software and accessories, such as ASRock Polychrome Sync, MSI Mystic Light and HyperX NGenuity. Some of these items also work with third-party open source software like Project Artemis or OpenRGB.

Overclocking control module

The Aurora is designed to be a powerful and dependable desktop gaming PC. It comes equipped with features that make it simple for you to play and customize your system according to your preference.

For instance, you can overclock the system to boost its performance without spending a fortune on new components. It’s an effective way to give your machine an extra boost without breaking the bank.

To determine if your Aurora is suitable for overclocking, perform some CPU-intensive tasks on it and run benchmark programs like Cinebench. This popular benchmark assesses various 3D creation applications like modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering and compositing.

Alienware provides software to create custom overclocking profiles and activate them instantly. The program monitors internal temperatures, adjusting fans to their ideal ranges in order to remove excess heat from your system while keeping fan volume low.

Dynamic duo

The Aurora R13 utilizes AMD Ryzen(tm) 5000 series processors for powerful, intelligent and efficient gaming performance – ideal for livestreamers who play and record at once. Equipped with Precision Boost 2 technology that automatically boosts CPU clock speeds to optimize performance under heavy workloads, you’ll enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

In addition, the Alienware aurora gaming PC also comes equipped with a host of other features designed to make your life simpler and enhance gaming sessions. From exclusive lighting that makes the system look more dynamic in low light conditions to an optional clear side panel with EMI shielding and scratch resistance, this system has everything you need for the ideal gaming experience.

Plus, this system boasts the highest-rated power supply that efficiently provides and maintains electricity to your computer. Furthermore, its SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps port enables faster transfers of games and media collections onto external storage than ever before.


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