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Home Business An Insight to Underpinning; What is It and When is It Needed?

An Insight to Underpinning; What is It and When is It Needed?

An Insight to Underpinning; What is It and When is It Needed?
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Underpinning is a reinforcement process. It strengthens the existing foundations of a property or a structure. This happens when the original foundation weakens and requires it to be reinforced to ensure the safety of the people living inside.

What is Underpinning?

Underpinning is a groundwork method. It is used to strengthen the existing foundation structure of a building, home, or any other property type. This method is carried out through reinforcement of the existing foundations. Usually, a filler is expanded in the soil to strengthen it. Moreover, a team of professional Piling Contractors Essex experts determines the process that should be used, according to the condition of your foundations. You might often assume that you have weakened foundations or structure but upon analysis, another issue comes to light. Therefore, a professional inspection is extremely critical before underpinning takes place.

When do I need Underpinning?

The most common situation in which underpinning is required is when the foundations of a property are weakened. When the foundation doesn’t remain sufficient enough to support the structure, a team of expert underpinning contractors Essex is hired to fix the issue.

But why does this happen? Is it natural for foundations to weaken over time? Here is why:

  • When the soil changes in one way or another, due to natural occurrences, the foundation starts losing its strength. Now, soil amendments can happen due to several reasons, i.e. contraction or expansion due to moisture or unaddressed plumbing issues can also damage the soil.
  • Secondly, foundations lose their strength if their design wasn’t understood properly initially. This simply means that the foundation design is not apt for the condition of the soil. And due to inexperienced contractors, your foundation was never the right one for your home or building.

These are two of the most common reasons for the changes in foundations and soils. However, some of the less common reasons are:

  • If you have undergone a major renovation, the structure of the soil can change entirely. This leads to weakening the foundations and requires reinforcement.
  • Likewise, if a major construction has taken place in your neighbourhood, your foundations might have shifted. This is usually known as an excavation of the foundations that support the soil.
  • Lastly, natural disasters can also cause a change in the soil condition and the foundations. Earthquakes are one of the most common ones.
Piling Contractors Essex
Piling Contractors Essex

To understand whether you do require underpinning or not, you must hire professional Underpinning Contractors Essex services like Prime Piling to help you out.

How can I know if my Home Foundations have Weakened?

There are some visible signs that indicate that your property requires underpinning or has weak foundations. If you notice any of these growing signs, you must consult with an expert right away.

Cracks in Walls and Floors:

Hairline cracks are not something to be worried about. However, if the cracks are getting bigger, you must address the issue. They usually indicate poor weight distribution. Cracks can appear in floor tiles, plaster walls, render, concrete and brickwork.

Unlevel Floors:

If your floor is leaning towards one side, it is a sign that your foundations are extremely weak and need reinforcement. Although misaligned doors can also be a reason for the unlevel floors, it is always better to get them checked.


Get help from a professional underpinning contractor’s Essex service as soon as you notice the slightest signs. Only an expert can help you understand whether you require underpinning or not.

Do not wait for signs to get more visible or severe. If you are noticing signs like unlevel floors and cracks or misaligned doors and windows; call an expert right away. They will inspect the situation and provide you with a solution accordingly.


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