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Bar Cart  Ideas

Bar Cart  Ideas

While storage is important the bar cart will visually express your tastes in your drinks or your décor, and your design. It’s designed to attract attention and make someone feel welcomed and at home, just like a great cocktail!

Bar carts are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes. They can be able to span the length of a wall and others could be vintage and small. They’re unique pieces that mean they don’t have to be in the same style throughout the year. Bar carts’ contents may be altered according to the season, or to celebrate moments with your loved ones and friends.

In my case, as my home is filled with enough drinks to rival the majority of bars for cocktails and bars, I utilize my bar cart mostly for storage since I require the most I can. But, the contents of the bar cart are useful, frequently utilized and attractive. I store the most commonly consumed liqueurs in the bottom in the bar cart with bar tools to add decor.

However, my minimalist style could easily be changed to an edgier style using only a few books on cocktails and a great decanter and a set of rocks glasses. If I’d like to make it a centerpiece for a small gathering, I could clear off the top and make the gin and tonic table with different types of gin as well as tonic water, some citrus to garnish and the ice.

You are completely in control over the way you deck yours out, with a little planning obviously. Consider: What kind of drink do I enjoy drinking? What style do I want to portray? Should I choose to put it up and leave it in place, or alter it according to the season for celebrations?

With these questions in mind Here are some items to explore and design your ideal bar cart.


They are spirits, liqueursand sparkling wine and mixers. You can choose to have your top frequently consumed spirits, or only the ones you feel make the most impressions. You can choose which you prefer!

Bar Tools

This is your opportunity to show off your nice bar tool set. You don’t have to place every bar tool that you have on your bar cart. I’d recommend the one that is the most visually appealing combination of the tools that are often employed (cocktail shaker mixing glass barstool, bar spoon etc. ).


Cocktail books are perfect to style. I would not recommend making your Small bar cart look like the shelves of a bookcase (unless it’s something you’re looking to use it for). A couple of cocktails books will suffice.


If you are planning to mix drinks directly from your bar cart think about draping an afghan or patterned cloth on the side or having it styled beautifully in the cart.


The most frequently used glasses are highball/rocks glasses and coupes. A set of glasses, as well as a combination of glassware, is excellent to keep in your cart.

For more information on this subject, I strongly recommend The Art of the Bar Cart Written by Vanessa Dina and Ashley Rose Conway. The book is a must-read with deep-dive tips for decorating bar carts in 20 distinct ways including whiskey-forward carts, festive carts and everything else in between.


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