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Best Free Email Without Phone Number Verification

Best Free Email Without Phone Number Verification

Nowadays, security is the foremost concern of people and this is why they hesitate to provide their personal information at some sites or for some apps and other things. Same is with email services, people are now looking for mail that does not require a phone number so that it won’t bother them about privacy concerns. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you about the email services which do not ask for phone numbers of their customers, so you need to give this blog a proper read so that you can know about such email providers. 

Emails Which the Users can Use without Phone Number – 

  1. Proton 

The first email service which does not asks for phone number of proton mail and will let you create an account with phone number. Proton mail was founded in the year, 2013 in Switzerland. This email service provides its users with end to end encryption also. 

  1. Tutanota 

If you want to create email address without phone number then Tutanota could  be a good choice for you as this email service comes with a storage of 1 GB and can be accessed on both android as well as iOS device. This email service is based in Germany and is free of cost for use for the users. 

  1. Yandex mail 

Yandex mail is also a good option when you are looking for email that doesn’t require phone verification as they provide email addresses and domain names to the users free of cost and without even asking for your phone number. The email service comes with a good and simple interface and has good security for the users as well and when it comes to storage the users will get a huge storage of 10 GB which will benefit them.


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