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Choosing a Mobile Phone by Functionality

Choosing a Mobile Phone by Functionality

Mobile Phones are a need of everyone in today’s time. So, when choosing a phone, it’s important that you get the right one for yourself. Nowadays everything is evaluated on its features or functionalities, the same is the case with smartphones.

We will see here some of the functionality factors for choosing a smartphone


Mobile phone design by functionality and type of use:


Today, touchscreen smartphones are coming to the fore. They are significant, with large displays, many features, and uses. Most manufacturers are already paying more attention to touchscreen smartphones, which offer more development and upgrading of the phone. HONOR 70 UK also has touch screen with the most advanced technology.

The disadvantage is the size of the display, which expands to the size of a tablet, so it cannot be easily carried in a pocket.


Feature phones, which are already less used, offer fewer options but are much easier to use than with touchscreen smartphones. They don’t offer the upgrades and many of the upgrades like touch phones, but their compact size allows you to carry your phone anywhere conveniently.


The latest type of phone that allows you to work more efficiently and contains up to 2 screens. You can unfold your phone into tablet mode and fold it into phone mode. This allows you to expand the functions and commitment to work to a new level. The price level for folding smartphones is very high, but considering the characteristics, it is quite acceptable. Design, type, and durability are important aspects when choosing what should be considered to the maximum extent.


Choice of materials such as:

  • Plastic – cheap models
  • Aluminum – more expensive and premium, aluminum alloy
  • Glass – premium phones, back cover design
  • Stainless steel – all-round frames
  • Ceramic is a very hard material in premium models

Attention to the camera

Smartphone cameras can now be directly compared to DSLRs and professional cameras. A good photographer suffers from quality photography and therefore considers the type, number of lenses, or camera features in a smartphone.

Front camera (selfie)

Everyone loves to take selfie photos, so this type of camera is important. It can take pictures of the face or surroundings on the front of the phone. This will make it easier to take photos and you won’t need to turn your phone upside down to take a picture in perspective.

Rear camera

Ability to take a picture of the back of the phone. Many phones are already targeting a wider range of lenses for exceptionally clear and sharp photos. Many functions ensure the quality of photographs taken with a digital camera. Some smartphones can be directly compared to professional cameras.

One lens

One lens is found mainly with older phones and especially with cheaper versions. They offer lower quality but still sharp photos that are good enough for normal use.

Multiple lenses

Phones can contain 2 or more lenses that complement each other and produce crisp, high-quality photos comparable to professional SLRs. They can also be used as a camera for project purposes as well as for the common hobby of photography.


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