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Cockfighting is a brutal blood sport that involves making male cocks fight each other. These animals are bred and trained for aggression.

No matter how weak or injured the birds may be, they must continue fighting. This often results in severe injuries such as punctured lungs and broken bones.

Cocks are bred for aggression

WPC2027 is an illegal blood sport in which two specially bred gamebirds are made to fight each other for entertainment and gambling purposes. During these fights, birds are kept in small enclosures called pits where spectators wager on their outcome.

Birds in nature sometimes engage in territorial or mating battles, but these encounters tend to be brief and do not result in serious injury. Cockfighters however take advantage of certain breeds’ natural aggression to make them more aggressive and proficient fighters.

Peruvian gamebirds, for instance, are bred for aggressiveness and tend to be more willing to fight than other breeds. Cockfighters also employ sharp blades or gaffs in order to hone their fighting skills.

They are forced to fight

Cockfighting is a barbarous blood sport in which cocks are made to fight until one of them dies or becomes so badly injured that it cannot continue. This ritual has been practiced for hundreds of years.

Cockfighting uses specially bred birds that are aggressive and strong, then put through rigorous training in preparation for the ring. Trainers select out weaker birds so only the strongest fighters remain, giving rise to an elite group of fighters.

They may be drugged to increase their aggression, and are equipped with razor-sharp steel blades or gaffs that resemble three-inch long ice picks designed to puncture and maim their opponents.

Cockfighting is not only an abusive practice, but it has strong connections to illegal gambling, drug trafficking, gang activity and illegal weapon sales. These crimes have devastating effects on communities involved. Cockfights also often involve child abuse and insensitivity towards animal suffering – which is why the Humane Society of the United States recommends never taking children to cockfights.

They are injured

Cockfighting is an inhumane practice that involves violence and the abuse of animals. Despite bans on animal fighting in many countries, it remains widely practiced.

Cockfighting is an entertainment form where two specially-bred roosters compete against each other inside a cage or cockpit. The match continues until one bird is either killed or severely injured so that it cannot continue the fight.

Even if the birds do not succumb, they suffer horribly. They cannot escape from the fighting pit and often sustain injuries to their lungs and bones.

Furthermore, the sharp blades or gaffs attached to their legs can rip into their skin, leading to horrific wounds. Cockfighters have even been known to get fatally slashed by their own birds with these same tools.

In most countries, it’s illegal to attend cockfights and keep any animal fighting paraphernalia at home. This is because doing so spreads disease that poses risks both to handlers and spectators alike.

They are killed

Cockfighting is a centuries-old blood sport in which specially bred gamecocks (cocks) are put into an arena (“cockpit”) to fight until one of them dies or suffers injury. It primarily serves for gambling and entertainment but sometimes can also involve ritualized violence against animals.

Cockfighting is generally prohibited around the world. However, in certain regions of this planet it still thrives as a popular activity.

People are often drawn to cockfights by the prospect of gambling on the outcome and winning large sums of money. In places like the Philippines, for example, betting on cockfights is quite commonplace.

India has long held cockfights as a cultural tradition. But animal rights activists contend they violate the Indian Animal Welfare Act, which forbids using animals in shows, fights or festivals with an implied cruelty tone.


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