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Home Business Cromwellsafty sells things that stand out, like polo shirts and sweatshirts with high visibility markings.

Cromwellsafty sells things that stand out, like polo shirts and sweatshirts with high visibility markings.

Cromwellsafty sells things that stand out, like polo shirts and sweatshirts with high visibility markings.

Cromwellsafty has several lines of safety clothing that include Hi Vis Polo Shirts. We have more than just the standard yellow, red, and orange Hi Vis Polo Shirts. Lucky for us, there are a lot of different kinds of Hi Vis Polo Shirts to suit everyone’s tastes. The symbol on the polo shirt must be a certain size in order to keep the certification.

Think about both the practical and the relaxing.

Cromwellsafty’s high visibility polo shirts are made of fabrics that are light but strong and don’t restrict movement. Cromwellsafty has a variety of high visibility polo shirts that are easy to move in because they have vents under the arms and flexible reflectors. We also have polo shirts with side pockets where you can put small things like a phone or glasses.

Need strong protection while keeping a comfortable way of life?

You can look at Cromwellsafty’s selection of sweaters that stand out a lot. When working in dangerous places, it is important to wear bright, fluorescent colours so that you can be seen. If you want to stay safe and warm at the same time, we also have ANSI-compliant reflective tape. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort if you’d rather be on a cold stretch of pavement with a construction crew than at home watching the game in your lovely, breathable clothes. There are also practical styles that make it easy to keep your privacy, like those with a lot of pockets and zippers. You don’t have to worry about the quality of our Hi Vis Sweatshirt because it is made by Dickies and Rocky, two of the best brands in the business. Pick up one of our high-visibility sweaters if you want to be seen without being uncomfortable.

Hooded Sweatshirt for Men Made of a mix of cotton and polyester, with graphics that shine in the dark.

Yellow is used as a warning or caution sign, and it draws attention to the fact that more safety measures need to be taken to make sure everyone is safe. Yellow is a good way to get people’s attention, shows that you are in charge, and draws the eye. The Cromwellsafty Hi Vis Sweatshirt is bright yellow, well-made, and fits with safety rules.

The best clothes are sweatshirts because they keep you warm, are easy to clean, and can be worn anywhere. But if you wear a black, brown, or dark blue one, you will be almost impossible to find. Safety is improved when people on the job site are easy to spot. Use the drawstring to pull the hood up over your head to make a thermal barrier and keep the warm air in.

Class 2 Hi Vis Sweatshirt is the name for this item’s ability to reflect light. Using one horizontal and two vertical strips of two-inch-wide silver reflective tape can help people see you better at night. The Working Person’s store offers embroidery, so you can personalise and set this sweatshirt apart.


Even so, it was easy to guess that it would be very cold. In temperatures below zero, the pouch pocket can also keep your hands warm. The Cromwellsafty Hi Vis Sweatshirt is required right now. Are you ready to take steps to protect yourself from the cold and work hazards? If your answer is yes, put this defensive hoodie in your shop cart right now.


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