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Dogscooter Buying Guide

Dogscooter Buying Guide

Dogscooters are classic pedal scooters in front of which a draft dog can be stretched by means of a bike antenna and jöring leash. The basic setup is largely identical, but the scooter should have certain characteristics in order to remain controllable in terrain and uneven forest routes.

Dogscooting is a dog sport

For dog owners, rat terrier pitbull the biggest thing is to spend time with their four-legged friend. And more and more people are discovering the draught dog sport for themselves. In the past, there were only sled dogs, preferably huskies, but today physical training for humans and animals is possible even without snow.

Find the right Dogscooter

So how do you find the best Dogscooter? The models from Yedoo and Crussis offer a good start. The manufacturers come from the Czech Republic, where pedal scooter riding is almost as popular as riding a bicycle. Both companies offer their scooters in the lower price segment and already deliver very decent quality. Due to the increasing popularity, new manufacturers are increasingly entering the market.

How much do Dogscooters cost?

The cheapest models I could find on the net start at about 200 € and come from Yedoo, among others. Ideal for all those who want to discover the pulling dog sport on their own and want to find out with the first scooter whether the sports equipment suits you.

From about 400 € you can already get models from Kostka and Crussis, two well-known manufacturers from the Czech Republic who have long had a large fan base behind them. Here price and performance are right and you already get brand components. Good brakes, an effective suspension fork and robust Schwalbe tires are mentioned as examples.

From 1,000 € absolute high end and lovers dogscooters are available. This is where the Spaniards of Gravity have positioned themselves.

Are there foldable dogscooters?

Foldable dogscooters are rarely represented. In contrast to the normal scooter or city cruiser, the components have to withstand much more power on uneven ground than their urban city models. The places where a scooter can be folded could act like a predetermined breaking point. However, some manufacturers are specialized in this and also offer foldable dogscooters.

Which dogs are suitable?

As with us humans, there are sporty and less sporty types. Scootering is a physical burden for dogs, so only adult, healthy dogs should be used as a draft dog. If a dog has problems with the joints or spine, young rat terrier you should always sit down with a veterinarian. It should also be taken into account that the dog should pull a maximum of four times its own weight. A dog weighing 20 kilos could therefore pull a team (human + clothing + equipment + scooter) up to 80 kilograms. Ideal draft dogs are, for example, Husky, Malamute or the Doberman. But also Border Collies and numerous other medium-sized dogs have fun pulling humans and dogscooters.


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