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Home Business Explore the Best Fundraising Modeling Software You Can Get in 2022

Explore the Best Fundraising Modeling Software You Can Get in 2022

Explore the Best Fundraising Modeling Software You Can Get in 2022

If you are looking to use fundraising modeling software, you should consider using one that can help you predict the impact of different initiatives. Some of the best available software for this purpose include Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management, LTSE, DonorPerfect, Salsa Engage, and Fundly. The following are some of the benefits you can get from using these fundraising and asset management platforms:


LTSE – Long Term Stock Exchange

Whether your nonprofit is a small one with a small budget, or a large, multinational organization, LTSE fundraise modeling software is the perfect solution. Its fundraising modeling software supports online fundraising with mobile bidding. LTSE gives fundraisers tools for planning events, including attendee RSVP, item auctions, and automated donor receipts.



The DonorPerfect software is a great tool to build your relationship with donors. It helps you understand what each of them means to your nonprofit, and it keeps you engaged with your donors. It provides a wealth of information, including each donor’s gift amount, so your staff will know when to follow up with them and send them feedback. DonorPerfect’s interface and workflows make it a convenience-driven software. It is very user-friendly, and convenient to use – for even newbie fundraisers who have little idea of things involved in the fundraising process.


Salsa Engage

If you need to create and track campaign data, Salsa Engage fundraising modeling software is for you. Its robust software features help you to engage your supporters through multi-channel advocacy campaigns, integrated digital communications tools, customizable fundraising forms, Peer-to-Peer campaigns, and automated email series. Salsa offers unmatched support and education for nonprofits. The software helps nonprofits grow their supporter base, and has a number of features that can help your organization speed up its pace towards reaching certain goals.



Developed to simplify the process of creating and managing campaigns, Fundly is a powerful tool for fundraisers. It also has the feature that enabled integration with sales force and allows for management tools such as heat maps. Heat maps help you identify where your donors are most likely to give. Additionally, the platform allows you to add your personalized merchandise to boost the campaign efforts. These products can be customized with your logo and name, and donors can buy them with their credit cards – hastening the pace.



If your nonprofit needs to model fundraising campaigns, Snowball’s event-management software is another top-performer solution. The software makes event planning, marketing, and fundraising easy, including text-to-give tools. With the help of text-to-give technology, all of the supporters are able to select a predetermined keyword to a dedicated mobile giving number. When donors text the keyword to the number, Snowball sends the donation directly to your organization – be it profit or non-profit organization’s funding. Snowball’s event-management software also comes with an intuitive CRM to make things even better. The CRM assists in the filtering and tracking of event data. It is also possible to export and import event data, keeping important details such as donation amounts.


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