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Fascinating Norwegian Wedding Cake Ideas

Fascinating Norwegian Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cakes are available in a sort of colors, sizes, shapes, & patterns. And while a contemporary wedding cake or anniversary cake is for certain to form a show-stopping statement, you along with your partner could also be more curious about paying homage to your heritage or maybe homing in on celebrating your wedding destination.

And what better thanks to doing this than with a standard wedding cake celebrated across the world? Samantha Mayfair (owner of Samantha Mayfair Cakes) “Food is often tied to the customs of an area and therefore the rituals of a culture. By incorporating that in your wedding, it is thanks to signifying you are pleased with where you came from and where you are going as you begin on this new journey.”

For lots of couples, the food integrated into a marriage is incredibly meaningful. And your online cake delivery should surely imitate. “This is among the aspects of a marriage where a few can express their cultural history,” according to Isabelle Boizis (Owner of Zara Marcelle Cakes & Patisserie). “In multiculti weddings especially, food & beverages ties everyone together and also, it is a pleasant way for all to feel included in the celebrations.”

What is a Kransekake?

Kransekake (translated as “wreath cake”) is an almond-based cake that is widely used in Norway for special occasions. It is baked in coextensive rings and layered to make a pyramid. The structure is detained together through royal icing. We had never heard about kransekake before our aunt joined the family several years ago. All of our aunts used to make them for our weddings & anniversaries. Several years ago, we went & bought a set of baking rings and were able to surprise the couple on their wedding anniversary!

Top 6 Norwegian Wedding Cakes Ideas

Ready to find the right inspiration for including a standard cake at your wedding? Read on for 6 wedding cakes from across the world.

Norwegian Kransekake

Kransekake stands tall and also, makes such a shocking statement. Mayfair said, “This classic Norwegian Kransekake Cake from Norway is made from stacked rings of almond dosh that is done with royal icing.” The cookie rings’ flavor features subtle notes of almond with a crunch touch. Consistent with Mayfair, these traditional loaded sweets are decorated with tiny flags, sugar flowers, or piped royal icing, and you’ll even prefer to hide a surprise inside the hollow rings.

Italian Millefoglie

This is not a marriage cake that stands tall, but it quite takes center stage at various destination weddings or traditional Italian. Large-profile & low-profile round cakes are made from hundreds of buttery puff pastry layers. Also, they are stacked between a creamy pastry cream, light-weight, and fresh fruit,” says Mayfair.

The name – millefoglie comes from the layers during these sweet, meaning 1,000 layers. The highest of the cake is decorated traditionally with beautiful blooms or fresh fruit, with an enthralling dusting of granulated sugar. Consistent with Boizis, this giant sweet can also be presented in a square form at Italian weddings. You can also get a delectable cake by order cake online or making online cake delivery in Mumbai from  a renowned online bakery. 

French Croquembouche

This towering sweet is as eye-catching as are often. Boizis said, “In France, we’ve got the normal croquembouche which is not any but an enormous pyramid of choux puffs, crammed with a delicious crème pâtissière and are coated in crunchy caramel.” We modify the cream filling flavor with numerous options such as coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. Consistent with Boizis, this sweet is traditionally delivered to a French wedding, instead of standing on display as a marriage cake would.

Mexican Tres Leches Cakes

Tres leches are a fragile, light cake full of flavor that is enjoyed at a spread of celebrations. Its name translates to “three sorts of milk” due to the inclusion of milk, milk products, and cream within the recipe. Traditionally, the cake is baked in a square or rectangular shape, and once it’s cooled, the highest is pierced with a fork, and therefore the milk mixture is poured on the top. Then, the cake is roofed in fresh topping & fruit to end off this refreshing dessert. It can positively be served up at weddings in a square form, or a bakery may stack rounds to embody a standard stacked wedding cake.

British Fruit Cake

This is not your average fruit cake. Consistent with Boizis, this cake is not popular anymore, but traditionally, it might be made with rich fruit cake in alcohol, casing it in marzipan, and then finishing with rolled-out fondant. Boizis says “The couple would save the highest tier to eat for his or her 1st anniversary, or their 1st child’s christening.” It is a hearty cake that will be stacked high for a bold statement over the dessert table. Mayfair adds “These sturdy cakes are ideal for stacking for an enormous show-stopping cake, and that they often have tortuously piped sugar flowers, royal icing decorations, and more.”

Indonesian Kek Lapis

With what percentage of layers this unique cake is formed from, you’ll see why it might only get on display for special occasions. But weddings fit the bill! The design of this cake, also referred to as a thousand-layer cake, is striking, but the normal flavor is simply as special. These cakes take quite a little bit of time to form because the baker layers shrill sponge cakes, each made with a standard spice mix and an entire lot of affection.


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