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Home Tech Four Most Effective Tips To Grab Your Audience Attention During A Workshop On A Virtual Interaction Platform!

Four Most Effective Tips To Grab Your Audience Attention During A Workshop On A Virtual Interaction Platform!

Four Most Effective Tips To Grab Your Audience Attention During A Workshop On A Virtual Interaction Platform!
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Conducting an online workshop on a virtual interaction platform is a tough task because you have to consider many things that pique your target audience. For instance, when you are a host of a workshop on business model canvas and how to develop it. It’s of utmost relevance to know what the entrepreneurs are looking to learn and grab from the workshop. 

Being the host of the workshop, you are bestowing your expertise over a subject and putting in your time and efforts while conducting it. 

So, you must practice and structure the materials and presentations you wish to display at the workshop. 

At times it’s easy to grab attention but difficult to retain it. So, in every 5 or 10 minutes, you must give a check on how successfully you are presenting and imparting knowledge and skillset. Otherwise, it would not be any different from a boring lecture! 

Most importantly, you need to be energetic throughout the workshop and avoid any technical glitches because it becomes impossible to grab your audience’s attention once again. Your energy and enthusiasm towards a topic and how willingly you want people to learn it conveys the message with the help of your body language and tone on the virtual interaction platform.

On CallXP, depicting yourself on the camera simultaneously sharing your screen to display a presentation is possible with the help of up-to-date technology. Moreover, this feature of a virtual monetization platform helps you successfully conduct a workshop and engage your audience in an effective manner.

Let’s study a few tips and tricks to successfully conduct a workshop on a virtual interaction platform:  

  • Make it a dialogue, rather than a monologue: The workshop must be conversational, rather than a lecture wherein just one person is speaking without giving others any chance to put up their viewpoints or opinions. For instance, take the earlier example of a business model canvas. 

About 100 entrepreneurs have joined the workshop to learn more about its usage and how to build it from scratch. So, to make it conversational, you can put up questions like how many entrepreneurs are bootstrapped and looking for investments! 

CallXPs virtual platform makes it very straightforward to ask questions and engage your audience with the help of its in-built tool. Whenever you want to ask a question from your audience, you can simply pop up the quiz or a questionnaire during the session and get real-time answers. It sounds interesting, right! 

  • Live polls and emoji meter: There are various virtual interaction platforms that have an added feature of an emoji meter. For instance, you might have noticed during a webinar or a workshop that whenever two people are having a discussion and there is any fun thing that happens, people respond with different types of emojis. 

As mentioned earlier, live polls are available to keep the audience engaged and attracted to the workshop. However, very few virtual conferencing platforms use the feature of polls or live quizzes. But on CallXP, educators, consultants, and entertainers, whoever is conducting a workshop can utilize the feature of live polls or popping up live quizzes. These new and upgraded features work best nowadays when everything is shifting online, and these new features make it possible to keep your niche or target audience engaged. 

  • Co-create: An entirely new and upgraded feature is to allow the users to present their opinions with the help of a whiteboard. For instance, on CallXP, the host can change the settings and allow the users to access the whiteboard. This is the best form of dialogue. It will act just like a physical classroom wherein people can share whatever they want with the help of graphs, charts, and even speaking. 

We can convincingly state that the possibility of co-creation has led to a surge in virtual conferencing and interaction. The purpose to keep the users engaged gets solved in a unique manner, because now people can indulge in the explanation process via using a whiteboard. 

Co-creation is also possible if you provide some handbooks, resource sheets, pdf, or anything that can help them during the workshop. 

  • Games and breakout sessions: Games are always fun, and they bestow the audience with high energy. Suppose, going back to our earlier example of a topic on a business model canvas for entrepreneurs. You can pop out a quiz asking for funny entrepreneurship ideas they have come across. This will help them remain on the topic and also will add a gesture of fun to the workshop. 

Breakout sessions are a great way of networking with your fellow attendees. The host can form small groups and add them to a breakout session to talk, interact, and come up with unique business models just to check what they have learned from the workshop, considering our previous example. 


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