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Hotmail not Working on Chrome?

Hotmail not Working on Chrome?

If you are a user, there’s a very big chance that you use it through a web browser. If there is one browser which is used by Hotmail users all over the world, it’s Chrome, even if Chrome is not the most popular browser in the world. Anyway, Hotmail users are currently facing a problem with Chrome not loading Hotmail properly because of an issue with Yahoo! Mail and the infamous “phishing link” bug.

Why is Hotmail not loading on Google Chrome?

There are several reasons why you might be having trouble with Hotmail on your Chrome browser. Some of these are easy to fix while others will require some help from a professional.

The first thing to check is whether or not your problem is related to another extension or add-on installed in your browser. If you have any third-party extensions installed, try disabling them and see if that fixes the issue.

If that doesn’t work, then it’s likely an issue with your internet connection or hard drive space on your computer. Make sure there’s enough free space on both hard drives so that files can load properly when accessing sites like Hotmail (or any other website). It also helps if they’re located close together so they don’t have far to travel before reaching their destination — this increases overall speed

Hotmail not Working on Chrome is a common problem which can be resolved by following these steps:

Check the Internet Connection

The first thing you need to check is your internet connection. If you are using a public Wi-Fi connection, it might be that someone else is uploading or downloading something and hence causing the issue. Try checking if using another browser solves the problem.

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Check for Pop-up Blockers

Pop-up blockers can also cause this issue as they prevent external sites from opening up in new windows or tabs. Open up your browser and go to Tools > Settings > Privacy and security > Pop-up Blocker, uncheck all options except for “open pop-ups from any site”. This should solve the problem in most cases.

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Update Your Browser Version

Sometimes, an outdated version of your browser can lead to various problems including Hotmail not Working on Chrome Issue. For example, Google Chrome has been updated multiple times since its initial release, so make sure that you have updated your version of Google Chrome in order to avoid unexpected errors and crashes while browsing the web.

The most effective method to Fix Hotmail Issues on Mac

Hotmail isn’t viable with Mac frequently because of Hotmail mail administration provided through Microsoft as well as it is a Microsoft item. Macintosh has been a creation from Apple which is the reason similarity issues are normal. To keep away from issues, you should set up Hotmail settings to deal with Mac. The main purpose for the Hotmail issue is some unacceptable arrangement. To determine this issue, you should design Hotmail on a Mac To do this, follow these means:

  • Begin the application for email for Mac.
  • Click on and select inclinations.
  • Go to the Account.
  • Just snap on ” +” to make a record.
  • Enter your username or secret phrase as well as the kind of record (POP).
  • Approaching Email server Address:
  • Active Email server address:
  • Simply click on Sign-in button.

Thus you can incorporate Hotmail to your Mac for your chief record for email and have the option to get Hotmail messages on Mac.

Issues with Hotmail Logins Safari Browser

Issues with getting a Hotmail account isn’t confined exclusively to Google Chrome program just however Safari Browsers can likewise be impacted by the Hotmail not working issue. The issue could be settled by disposing of treats and clearing reserves. Follow the means underneath:

  • Visit your Safari Browser.
  • Select the Preferences.
  • Basically snap to open the Advanced
  • Empower Show to create
  • Click on the Create menu and afterward click Remove Caches.
  • To eradicate the treats, follow the means recorded beneath.
  • Click on your web program.
  • The Open inclinations.
  • Begin your Security and afterward click ” Show Cookies”.
  • Basically click on “Eliminate All.

Assuming you can’t gain admittance to the Hotmail site utilising the Safari internet browser, then follow the accompanying strides for reviving your program to make Hotmail work. The above choices are ways for opening Hotmail messages in your Safari web program.

Hotmail not working issue on Windows

Windows clients are additionally unfit to get to Hotmail frequently. The purpose for this Hotmail issue is expected to a misconfigured design. Thus, I’ve gathered and recorded far to set up Hotmail for Windows. The means for designing Hotmail for Windows are as per the following:

  • To change the setting of the server that is approaching, Follow the means beneath:
  • Begin the Live Mail window in Windows.
  • In the upper left corner, select the email +@
  • After you have opened your page to Add email account page, click the Manually arrange Server Settings.
  • Select to go on.
  • Select Server Use the accompanying organization: IMAP.
  • Enter server subtleties:
  • Enter the port Number: 993
  • Select the choice to require a protected association.
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