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How To Choose a Good Motorcycle?

How To Choose a Good Motorcycle?

Travel romance ends where comfort begins. If you ar,e ready to sacrifice two wheels and take the handlebars with the throttle in your hands, then welcome to the brotherhood of motorcyclists.

A motorcycle is a very special vehicle. And the lack of a roof over your head, a cozy warm cabin is compensated by freedom, a gust of wind in your face, the roar of an engine and an endless road ahead. About what motorcycles are and how to choose the one that will appeal to you, we’ll talk today.

What’s the Need?

From the very beginning, you should decide what you need a motorcycle for. This is a serious purchase, a car that already requires a driver’s license to drive.

A motorcycle is a means of transportation with increased danger both for others (hello to those who like to drive through crowded streets) and for the driver himself due to the banal lack of environmental protection.

Motorcycle types

If you are already a seasoned biker who is ready to change his iron horse once again for something newer and more powerful, then any hints will be nothing to you. You know exactly what you want. We will consider the choice of a motorcycle from the point of view of a beginner.

There are generally accepted classes of this type of transport. Among them, intermediate types are increasingly appearing, which are distinguished by motorcyclists and amateurs themselves. There are also “custom” cars – this means that they were made according to an individual project.


Probably, such models are best known to anyone who sees a motorcyclist in the city. Especially if a person was born in the USSR and saw what IZH “Planet”, “Java” and so on are.

These motorcycles are designed for daily trips around the city without “show off”. It’s easy to get from point A to point B. It’s unlikely that you will be able to go on such long races – the carrying capacity is not the same, and ergonomics will not allow you to comfortably sit in the saddle to overcome 500 kilometers without back pain.

The classic does not weigh much, especially when compared to some other types of motorcycles. When the car is on its side, the owner will be able to lift it back without any problems. True, there are also two-hundred-kilogram models, there you will already have to sweat.


Sometimes these bikes are referred to as racing bikes, and for good reason there are tuning stage for my engine. If you are just the same resident of the sleeping area, where at night an hysterical “weeeee” is heard along the road, then you should know exactly what a sportbike looks like. No Each screw of such a machine is made with an emphasis on maintaining high speeds and providing the owner with maximum controllability with a special center of gravity.

The very design of the motorcycle is facilitated by using lightweight alloys and materials like carbon fiber for parts. It’s normally a 250cc motorcycle and goes above and beyond this limit too. All this is turned into a streamlined aerodynamic structure that cuts through the air along with the rider: for this, the steering wheel tilt is also changed, and the seat is also slightly raised (because of this, you must sit with an inclination forward, which further increases the streamlining).


Touring motorcycles. As the name implies, they can be used for long distance rides. This is a kind of limousine among motorcycles. Designed for a smooth ride without flirting with speed. With such a car, you can drive a thousand kilometers in a day.

To make the driver comfortable on such trips, tourers are equipped with special soft seats. Some even have a semblance of a back, like a car. In general, such a motorcycle can be called a car with a stretch, except that it has two wheels and no roof over its head.

The dimensions of the tourers are impressive – they are wide, overweight machines. They have a high windshield, or similar fairing, which almost completely covers the biker’s face from the oncoming wind currents. 


In the people “cruiser”, but according to the rules “cruiser”. One way or another, if someone hears the word “biker”, then with a high probability he imagines a harsh man in just such a car. The Harley Davidson name alone speaks for itself. This company most often pays attention to cruisers.

This bike is not for racing. This is the Titanic on the road, and it’s not about the size, but about the smoothness of movement, graceful corner entry, driver’s landing. The cruiser will come in handy for a leisurely ride around the city with a touch of style. And the very name “cruiser” unambiguously evokes associations with a cruise liner.


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