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Home Business How To Choose or Make A Cup Holder In A Car?

How To Choose or Make A Cup Holder In A Car?

How To Choose or Make A Cup Holder In A Car?

The crazy rhythm of the city leads to the fact that you must eat fast food right on the road. This is very convenient, with one exception, an unfinished Coca-Cola runs the risk of being on the seat or on the floor of the car. To avoid this, most modern cars have special holders and compartments in which you can also put small changes or store your phone. However, if they are not available, a cup holder in a car can be purchased separately or made independently.

Ready coasters

The most popular are universal stands, which can be of very different designs. For example, you can purchase a car cup holder with three compartments at once. It mounts between the front seat and the center console.

If this design seems too cumbersome, then you should pay attention to the cup holders in the car, which are attached to the air duct. There are many such models. Some even come with a dedicated phone holder.

However, not only adults but also the younger generation love to eat fast food in the car. In this case, special car seats with cup holders are provided.

There are also retractable models that are installed in the armrests. If you don’t want to spend money on such an accessory at all, then you can make it yourself.

Manufacturing options

If we talk about homemade options, then modern craftsmen offer several manufacturing methods.

Particularly handy carpenters can build an accessory out of wood. To do this, use a jigsaw to cut a ring with a diameter of about 78 mm. The product is attached with epoxy to the console between the seats.

You can make a spectacular luminous stand from plexiglass. For this you need:

  • Prepare a sheet of transparent material 8 mm thick and 120 x 100 mm in size and form a cup from it.
  • At the bottom of the glass, make a hole for future wiring.
  • Install the structure in the plug of the central deflector.
  • Mount the LED backlight on the bottom of the product.
  • Connect the light elements to the switch using a 5.1 kΩ resistor. In this case, the light will not be as bright.
  • Fix the contacts of the LEDs with hot glue. It will also help to avoid short circuits.
  • Paint over the installation sites of the light elements with a regular clerical touch.

If you don’t want to suffer with the installation of LEDs, then you can do the work a little easier.

We perform the following actions:

  • We remove the gearbox console and cut out 1-2 holes in it at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other using a hole drill. Before that, it is better to outline future cutouts.
  • We are preparing templates for future coasters. To do this, simply attach the cardboard to the holes and circle them with a felt-tip pen.
  • We insert plastic pipes into the holes and adjust them in size.
  • We grind the edges of the products with sandpaper.
  • With the help of wire cutters or a file, we cut off the side edges from the holes for the outlet.
  • We put the remaining parts of the pipes on top and fix them with superglue. Until the adhesive sets, it is necessary to squeeze the elements together.
  • We cut off the protruding parts and sand all the bumps.
  • Lubricate the gaps between the cup holders and the console itself with silicone sealant. This is necessary so that the holders do not start to make noise when the car is moving and are securely fixed.
  • Remove excess sealant with a rag.
  • We sand the joints again.
  • Remove dust and debris with a damp cloth.

Thus, you can either purchase a ready-made accessory, or make it yourself.


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