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How To Choose The Right Restaurant Table


There are various factors that affect dining room aesthetics apart from the food, like the building of the restaurant, the lighting, the catering services, the staff, the prices of food items etc. One of such factors that may not fetch so much attention but is significantly important is the dining table. Restaurant tables come in different sizes, shapes and colours, and one can choose according to their likes and dislikes and on the basis of other features of their restaurant.

Restaurant tables are the first thing a visitor searches for as soon as they enter a restaurant. They might not notice themselves, but they naturally have a tendency to choose a comfortable sitting place to enjoy their upcoming meal. Choosing the right restaurant tables might look like the least important task for both restaurant owners and visitors, but it plays an important role in delivering quality services to the customers and enhancing their experience.

Factors to consider

  • Colour and style of the table- Some tables are made of dark stained wood, while others could be made of polished stone. Some have vibrant colours, while some are basic. Some people prefer to keep them covered with a table cloth, while others like them bare. Different tables have specific vibes and create a different atmosphere, and hence it is important to choose a table that fulfils the intended purpose and matches the vibe of the whole place.
  • Space availability- Another thing to consider is the capacity or space of the restaurant. Large size tables and furniture might saturate the place and make it suffocating for the guests, whereas smaller ones might not allow families to sit together. Therefore, it is essential to balance both and choose a table that is perfectly sized, not too big or not too small. It can also depend on the structure or design of the restaurant.

Some restaurant table designs

  • Booths- These are private and secluded spaces designed so the guests can enjoy their meals in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere away from the hassle. These are preferred more by guests with families or friends who expect privacy. The drinks and food are served from one side, which reduces unnecessary traffic and is good for restaurants with less aisle width.
  • A picnic-style banquet table- It has gained massive popularity recently as it is a great option used by many bars and restaurants in their dining halls. It is a long table used at large establishments such as breweries and beer halls. Larger parties and groups mostly occupy these as they can choose the space as per their requirements. In other cases, these long tables provide space for people to socialize and have meals with unfamiliar guests.
  • High-top tables- These are elevated tables with stools to sit and enjoy the meals. People who don’t get access to stools during a party or a large gathering can easily stand near the tables to enjoy their food or drinks.

Sofas and coffee tables are used by bars and restaurant owners to create a cozy outdoor experience with the utmost comfort visitors can ask for. However, the low tables are not optimal for full course meals and are preferred mostly for drinks.

Bar seating is meant for the guests to enjoy their drinks and wait for the tables to open up for food. Restaurants and bars still use them as a convenient dining method.


A customer would not want to have his meal at a significantly untidy place. Hence restaurant owners need to acknowledge this fact and act accordingly before setting up their restaurants and opening the services. The right restaurant tables can elevate the customer experience, so make sure that you get the best one.


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