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How to clean tourist apartments

How to clean tourist apartments

Cleaning is a real challenge in the tourist apartment rental sector, both for tourists and for hosts.

A dirty tourist apartment can spoil the stay of travelers and they will not fail to leave a bad review on accommodation rental platforms such as Airbnb, Booking or Tripadvisor .

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In addition, with the concerns derived from COVID-19, travelers demand more security guarantees in terms of floor disinfection.

Therefore, for the owners and managers of tourist apartments, what is at stake is the reputation of their business.

To make sure you don’t forget anything, save time and get favorable recommendations every time you host a tourist, we invite you to develop an action plan for cleaning and disinfecting your tourist accommodation.

To do this, we share a list of tasks that you should not overlook. The same ones that our tourist apartment cleaning company follows to obtain an impeccable result.

Cleaning protocol for tourist apartments

The cleanliness of your tourist flat contributes significantly to the quality of the experience you offer to travellers.

And there is a big difference between an accommodation where you want to stay and a dirty and messy flat . In fact, if you check the reviews of Airbnb or Booking users, you will see that tourists know how to distinguish them very well.

When it comes to general cleaning between each stay, some corners of the apartment are easily forgotten. But the guests, occupying the house for a long time, will quickly become aware of these oversights.

To have everything under control, you will need to follow a cleaning protocol for your tourist apartment that consists of complying with the following instructions.

1. Define the stages of floor cleaning

Oversights arise from not establishing a protocol or, better said, a routine in cleaning the accommodation. If cleaning is always done differently, it is very easy to miss some tasks.

Therefore, we advise you to define the steps you are going to follow . You’ll find it easier to follow a script if you write these steps down on paper, and you’ll also save time.

2. Start by washing the fabrics

Bedding, blankets and towels, start cleaning the vacation apartment with textiles.

Since putting on a washing machine takes time, you can focus on other household chores while they wash. This way you won’t have to wait for the cycle to finish and you will finish the task faster.

3. Replenish before cleaning

If your apartment has soap and shampoo dispensers, or if you offer basic necessities such as salt, oil and spices, it is preferable to replenish what has been used before cleaning begins.

Thus, in the event of delimbing, we avoid having to clean the surfaces again.

By the way, also check that the possible cans, preserves and dehydrated foods that you store in your cupboards have not exceeded the consumption limit date. We don’t want your guests to think you’re trying to poison them.

4. Clean the floor from top to bottom

The order that is followed to clean the furniture of the apartment influences the final result.

It is of little use to clean, for example, the living room table if you then pass the duster over the shelves. The accumulated dust will fall and settle on the newly cleaned table.

Therefore, always start cleaning with high surfaces and then continue with furniture and other objects that are lower.

5. Special care with the kitchen

One of the main reasons that leads a tourist to choose to rent a tourist apartment instead of a hotel is the possibility of using an equipped kitchen.

Therefore, it would be a pity if they found a thick layer of dirt in the oven or splashes of sauce in the microwave.

In the kitchen, try to clean the inside of appliances with the same care as the outside. Similarly with the drawers and cabinets.

Also check that no breadcrumbs and other food remains have gotten under the appliances.

6. Impeccable bathroom cleanliness

The bathroom is the room that is most taken into account to judge the quality of cleanliness throughout the accommodation. So make sure it’s shiny.

The fact is that the bathroom generates a lot of humidity and stains often appear that could scare away your guests.

What are the most effective disinfection techniques in a home?

To achieve 100% effective disinfection against coronavirus and other microorganisms, there are several techniques available:

Ozone disinfection : According to the WHO, ozonation is the most effective method against coronavirus. Cleans air, water, textiles and any surface even the most difficult to reach. It leaves no odor or traces and is 100% ecological.

Nebulization disinfection : consists of spreading microdrops of disinfectant product in the air. The cloud generated by the nebulizer offers great disinfecting power as it allows it to reach any corner of the apartment.

Manual disinfection with disinfectant products: use bleach with cold water, hydrogen peroxide or 70% sanitary alcohol depending on each type of surface (metal, plastic, glass…). In the case of chemical products, respect the concentrations indicated by the manufacturer.


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