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How to design the box at bottom of invitation?

How to design the box at bottom of invitation?

If you are planning a birthday party or any other event, you have already started thinking about invitations. You have a couple of options. Either purchase some ready-made invitations boxes wholesale from a store. Or spend hours online to find something fascinating. Another interesting way is to design an invitation box on your own.

Along with the invitation, the custom invitation boxes may contain a small gift or an interesting thing in them. You can do all this by creatively using the supplies in your home. This will create something very impressive and your family will remind it for years. Below are some of the steps to design a box at the bottom of the invitation:

Gather the material:

The basic step before designing your invitation box is to gather all the supplies. You need not purchase anything from the market. You will easily find the things in your craft’s box. All you need is a cardboard box, scissors, glue, sticking tape, metal ruler, decorative paper or other embellishments.

Find an Appropriate Cardboard Box:

The easiest way is to find an appropriately sized box. You can use any of the old cereal boxes for this purpose. Cut it according to the required dimensions. If you won’t find a ready-made box, it is good. Otherwise, you can make it yourself. Take the sheet of cardboard. Mark it according to the box’s length, width, and height. Cut it and fasten the sides by applying a strong adhesive. Wait until the box gets dry.

Design the Lid:

One of the important steps in the process is to design the top of the box. Here you will place the invitation. It is your choice if you want to attach the top to the box or keep it separate. Your top should be very inspiring as it attracts your guests towards the invitation.

Cover the Box with a Decorative Paper:

The next step is to cover the box with attractive paper. You can also use fabric for this purpose. Decorate it with buttons, ribbons and other embellishments.

Paste the Invitation:

The surprise lies in what type of gift you send to your guests along with the invitation. It can be candles, chocolates or anything you want. Place the gift inside it. Cover it with a lid. Finally, attach the invitation note at the top. Your attractive invitation box is ready.

Such type of custom invitation boxes can be used as party or wedding invitations. They look very unique. It is a great way to inspire your guests. It makes them curious about what next they will have on the event. Hope you enjoyed the designing of the box at the bottom of the invitation. It would be great fun when you do it on your own. Kindly provide your reviews about the topic.


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