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Home Tech How to fix ‘Gmail Unable to Attach Files’ Error?

How to fix ‘Gmail Unable to Attach Files’ Error?

How to fix ‘Gmail Unable to Attach Files’ Error?

The common complaints we have received from our readers about Gmail such as “Gmail won’t let me attach a file” or Gmail can’t attach files while composing an email so today we are here to help you out with this trouble.

This guide will help you fix the error that many Gmail users have been facing nowadays as the email service isn’t able to attach documents or files with the email and you can forward this article to others in search of a solution.

A large number of users complained that the Gmail service client was not enabling them to send emails or attach files for at least four hours starting from 10 a.m. on Thursday, and the global tech giant did not provide any explanation as to why this was happening, and the issue was not located in the parts of India only but only in Australia, Japan, and many other countries.

Here are some of the solutions to Fix the Gmail Attachment Issue:

1. Try checking the size of the file you have selected to transfer:

You should know this the attachment you want to share should not exceed a size limit of 25 Mb be it a single file or multiple files, any file of size exceeding this limit cannot be attached.

And if you want to share a file of size larger than 25 Mb size, Google will itself create a Google drive link to share as a link rather than as an attachment.

2. Try to update or change your current web browser:

the next thing you can do is to check whether your web browser is working fine or not, and as a prerequisite, you should know that Gmail only supports Firefox, chrome, safari, internet explorer, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

And always use the latest updated version of any web browser.

Depending on the browser you use, you can check for updates directly on the developer’s official website, in the case of chrome you can type this link below “Chrome: // web sort the address bar.

3. Try disabling the web browser proxy:

If you have figured out a web browser proxy this could be the culprit why Tamil is not able to attach files. And therefore you should try to disable the web browser proxy by following the below steps: 

  • 1. Choose the search button on the Windows 10 taskbar and navigate for ‘internet options’.
  • 2. Click on Internet properties in the search results and select the Connections tab.
  • 3. Now move on to the LAN setting button.
  • 4. Find the active proxy server for your LAN settings and uncheck the box next to it to disable it.
  • 5. Finally, complete the procedure by selecting the OK button.

Many times disabling the proxy server fixes the issue, but along with it make sure to confirm that your internet service provider is working fine with good strength of the net.

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We hope this post will help you send attachments without any hassle now.

Good day!

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