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How to Install the Electronic Pressure Regulator Valve?

How to Install the Electronic Pressure Regulator Valve?
Electronic pressure regulator valve

Electronic pressure regulator valve is a digital device that serves the purpose of high-pressure management. The tool simply reduces high pressure into lower and constant psi which is set by the operator. The working of the electro pneumatic regulator is dependent on the push and vent valves. Both of these valves are responsible for managing the outlet pressure at the desired set point even if the inlet pressure is not stable. The biggest advantage of using the electronic pressure regulators is that they ensure constant pressure and flow even if the internal pressure of the cylinder or pneumatic system is not stable. 

If you don’t know much about how to install the electric pressure regulator then you need to read on this post as here in this draft we have discussed in detail how to install the modern electronic pressure regulator valve in four simple steps.

Installation of Electric Pressure Regulators!

Here we have discussed some steps that can help you install the digital pressure regulator equipment:

Step 1

When you get your new electronic pressure regulator valve you have to first of all start by connecting the source of pressure to the inlet valve of the regulator. The pressure source must be in line to the outer port. Know that if you don’t match the ports on exact marks then you would not be able to maintain pressure. Sometimes the ports are not marked on the electronic pressure controllers. In these kinds of situations, you need to contact the manufacturer. If you end up attaching the outlet port to the pressure source then it can damage the entire equipment.

Step 2

Once you have attached the power source you simply have to turn the supply pressure. You can do it by backing off the control knob to restrict flow. After that, you need to gradually enable the supply pressure so that the electronic pressure regulator valve is not damaged with a shock of pressure. You need to avoid adjusting screws into the regulator as it can disrupt the supply pressure in some devices like the electronic pressure regulator for water.

Step 3

The third step is to set the outlet pressure according to the desired psi of the application. Here you must know that in a non-relieving pressure regulator it would be easier for you to manage the outlet pressure whereas, in a relieving style regulator, excess pressure will be automatically vented to the atmosphere from the lower side of the electronic pressure regulator valve when the knob is rotated to the outer setting of the lower end valve.

Step 4

To get the desired outer pressure from the valve you have to make some final tweaks. You can start by gradually increasing the pressure from the set point. Setting the pressure lower than the set point is helpful as it decreases the chances of the pressure getting high. There is a low chance of pressure fluctuation when you are using digital regulators however we suggest you make some adjustments while using devices like the electronic fuel pressure regulator.


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