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How To Make A Teacher Cv

How To Make A Teacher Cv

I love future makers welcome to teach opinion today’s video is the most important and the most requested video of the whole teacher interview series yes it’s the teacher see me it is usually said that your first impression is the last impression but your CV is the only opportunity to make your first and last depression to beat an awesome one in short your CV is the biggest asset that can get you called for an interview so without wasting time.

Let’s dig into what why and how of a CV let’s get started [Music] let’s start with what is a CV the word CD comes from the Latin expression that means course of one’s life in short CV is a detailed document that shows your professional history and academic achievements coming – why do we make a CV a CV is a reflection of you as a person it adds more value to you and your personality it’s like stating in agenda for the interview that you’re gonna face it’s a good way to identify your strengths and weaknesses and put them on a paper it is also an opportunity to make an impact on the decision makers of the interview in short a CV is a personal marketing tool to sell your skill expertise and experience to the employed coming to the tips on how to write my CV.

The CV should not be more than two pages it should be grammatically correct there should be no spelling mistakes in the CV the font used for the CV should be Times New Roman and the font size should not be more than trends enough margins should be left on all the four sides of the document make sure that you’re honest in your seal you don’t forget to add a personal thanks to your CV so that they understand that it’s not copied from some template online your CV should be up.

Today remember the presentation of the CV matters make sure that you write all your latest achievements first and then go chronologically all your educational qualifications should be written in a tabular format this makes it easier for the person to read try and use bullet points instead of long paragraphs so that it is clear and concise only write what is really important and relevant to the job that they are looking for if you are using a photograph.

To make sure that you look professional in your photo once your CV is complete do not forget to proofread your CV before printing it out you can also help from someone and give them just to check if you’ve not made any mistake if you keep all these tips in mind your CV has to be the perfect one let’s proceed to the sample template of a CV this is a two-page traditional Indian style CV the whole CV is bordered perfectly for presentation purpose the font used is Times New Roman.

The font size is twelve the main headings are in bold and underlined so that it’s very clear and they act as headings other information is given in a very simple pointer format so that it’s easier to understand the CV starts with your postal information that is name contact number email ID language is known and date of birth after personal information we directly come to the objective why we are writing the CV in which we have written seeking an opportunity to use my knowledge and talent to educate the children and make them ready for today’s world next comes professional efficiencies.

We’ve given a few examples which I would like to read out a passion about the teaching field with a great teaching attitude thorough knowledge of the subject to be taught and its background great fluency in spoken English and command over comprehension proficiency in handling computer-aided tools effective classroom management next comes educational qualification as you can see all the educational qualifications are put in a tabular format so that everything is very crystal clear the table consists of five columns which are degree course school or university your and percentage.

Marks the latest degree is written first and then going on up to the school level the course or the board or the specialization is mentioned in the next column then the school or university from which that degree was done the year in which the degree was completed and achievement of marks or gray that was done at that time with this will finish the first page coming to the second page we have extracurricular activities make sure the extracurricular activities are also in the Pointer format and not in the paragraph format.

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So that it’s easier for the interviewer to read them I have written a few extracurricular activities but you could write whatever you have done so far and something that is related to the teaching field and not completely outside the era of steeped women next comes the hobbies section a few hobbies have been written in the Pointer format which I am reading out reading writing articles dancing anchoring crafting and exploring myself you could write much more or to only as per your convenience next comes experience again the experience is written in a pointer format where the latest achievement comes first and gradually we move towards the internship experience after the whole CV is done.

We have a declaration which says I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge after which the left side we have the place and the date which need to be filled by the pen when you are going for the interview don’t get this printed at the right side we have our signature and name we need not write signature and name as it is written in this but we could literally have a signature and a name over there so this is how the CV overall looks like hope it helps you if you liked.


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