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How to move home on a budget

How to move home on a budget

It is no secret moving your items can be an expensive addition to the cost of purchasing your new home, regardless of whether you are just looking to rent a room in a shared house, moving into a flat, or for that matter moving into a house. In fact, for most people, the actual point of moving the cherished items from A to B is one area where a moving budget is fully considered.

#1 Ask friends and family for help 

Obviously, one of the cheapest options you can use is to ask your friends and family to chip in and lend a hand. For most this will be welcomed with open arms, as it will mean that they get to have a nosy around your new living quarters before any official home warming party happens. 

However, it is important to realize that the help that they can offer need not just be in the lifting and shifting, but also when it comes to looking after family pets on a moving day – not forgetting the over-excitable kids that may be far better for everybody’s sanity to be elsewhere blowing off some steam and not under the feet of people lifting and shifting boxes and furniture.

#2 Dealing with larger items

It is highly likely that you are going to have couches, white goods, and beds as well as wardrobes to move from your old home into your new home. Some of these items may not seem so big, but they can be very heavy and cumbersome.

When it comes to larger items that cannot fit in cars (or for that matter may need special care) you can count on the services of a local man with a van to lend a hand. However, it is important to learn more about the costs and what they are willing to move for you before you refuse any help from other sources.

#3 Be organized

Above all it is important to be organized, being unorganized is likely to cost you extra money, whether it is in food and beverages on the day or problems with being able to move items. Getting hired help at the last minute is always more expensive than pre-booking, and ordering take out or even dining out due to lack of foresight is far more expensive than packing a packed lunch or organizing a picnic in your new garden (or even a barbeque) for all of your moving helpers on the day to say a big thank you for their efforts.

A few final thoughts

You may very well find that your friends and family members will offer their help for your moving day. Although you may not want to take them up with their offer, especially if you feel that they are less able or they have health issues, you could very well get them to help in other ways such as looking after your pets or your kids. However, getting your friends and family to help you lift and shift will save you more money than you realize, meaning that you can use your money to hire a man with a van for those items that you will need extra help with. 

It is important to be organized and get your moving plan together, including the food and beverages that you will have on offer for yourself and your helpers. Setting up a picnic or a barbeque in your new garden for the evens meal will undoubtedly go down well with all concerned.


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