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How to Prepare for An IVD Test

How to Prepare for An IVD Test

Wondfo IVD POCT is a non-invasive diagnostic test that can diagnose a variety of different diseases with just one sample. Wondfo’s IVD POCT test provides an accurate diagnosis so your patients can have confidence in their diagnosis.

What are the categories of IVD tests?

1. Wondfo IVD [NosTalgiC1] POCT Reagent is a reagent for the qualitative and quantitative determination of certain drugs in biological fluids.

2. Wondfo IVD POCT reagents can be used for drug abuse detection or drug detection.

3. Wondfo IVD POCT reagents are divided into two categories: sensitive and specific. Sensitive classes are designed to detect low concentrations of drugs, while specific classes are designed to detect high concentrations of drugs.

4. The Wondfo IVD POCT reagent is easy to use and can be used with a variety of analytical methods, including gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS).

How to prepare for IVD test?

1. To prepare for the IVD test, you will need to gather the following information:

– your health history

– the results of any blood tests you have had in the past

– all medicines you are taking

– your allergy list

– any other medical information you may have

2. Once you have gathered all the required information, you can start preparing for the IVD  test. Here are some tips to help you:

– Make sure you are well rested and get enough sleep before the exam. This will help ensure that your answers to the IVD test are accurate.

– Eat a balanced diet before the exam. This will help avoid any blood sugar level issues during the test.

– Drink plenty of water before the test. This will help remove any toxins from the body.

– Avoid caffeine and alcohol before testing. These substances can interfere with the accuracy of your IVD test results.


Wondfo IVD POCT is a technology that has shown great promise in treating a variety of diseases, and it’s likely to become more popular over time. If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating technology, be sure to check out our website about Wondfo IVD POCT.


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