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Home Tech iPhone isn’t Charging? Fix it with Effective Solutions

iPhone isn’t Charging? Fix it with Effective Solutions

iPhone isn’t Charging? Fix it with Effective Solutions

As iPhones are built with great accuracy and care, they are not invulnerable to normal issues. Yet, users encounter one of the common issues that are iPhone won’t charge. If you are also confronting this issue and looking for a convincing reason. Well, we are here with a few hacks that fix is not a charging issue.

Why iPhone is Not Charging?

Wondering why my iPhone isn’t charging? Well, there could be various reasons behind this irritating issue. For example, the issue could be because of an uncertified charger or a rough case that probably won’t be supporting Qi charging or even a piece of lint that might have slipped into the charging port. There could be issues with the charging connector, damaged software may be keeping the telephone from charging or there can be a basic hardware issue. Subsequently, we will evaluate each one of the potential solutions that can assist you with fixing the iPhone won’t charge when plugged in the issue.

Turn it Off and Back on Again

Whenever you are investigating an issue, it helps when you restart the system and check whether that fixes the issue. If your iPhone has sufficient battery, restart the phone and try to charge it again. If your phone battery is extremely, low – under 5% – or totally dead, don’t waste time with this method.

Check that your iPhone isn’t Charging

Ensure that your phone isn’t charging. Connect your device with a charger and take a look at the phone’s display. If the battery is drained, charge your phone for around two hours, and afterward check it also you need to clean iPhone charging port. You should see a lightning bolt in or with the battery symbol at the upper right of the iPhone’s lock screen. If there is no lightning bolt, that means it’s not charging.

Check Your Cable and Power Adapter

While the market is overwhelmed with chargers, not each one of them is secure and safe for iPhones. If you are utilizing a local charger that isn’t made for iPhone/iPad/iPod certified, you will often get a warning pop up saying, ” accessory may not be certified.” As a component of safety, iOS won’t allow you to charge the iOS gadget utilizing the local charger.

If your charger is made for iPhone certified, make sure that both the lightning cable and power connector aren’t harmed. Take a look at utilizing another link/power connector to charge your iPhone. If iPhone won’t charge but headphones work, that indicates your cable is to blame. So make sure, you used the certified charger and cable for your iPhone with 2.1 amps’ power capacity.

Repair your iPhone

If you have performed the above methods and still the iPhone won’t charge or iPhone stops charging after a few seconds, then the last option left is to repair the phone. Your device needs expert help so you can visit the nearby Apple store along with your phone documents. If you need more updates and fixes about iPhone issues visiting would be helpful.

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