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Kamia Harris – Psychologist Australia

Kamia Harris – Psychologist Australia

Kamia Harris is a psychologist with more than 18 years of experience in the mental health industry. Her areas of interest include neuroscience research, neuroplasticity and positive psychology.

Kamia Harris has extensive experience working in various sectors such as the Department of Defence, private practice, the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health. Her services encompass counselling, assessment, mental health intervention and critical incident support.


Psychotherapy is the practice of providing mental health treatment to patients. Psychotherapists and psychologists are the professionals responsible for providing this service.

Psychotherapists are mental health professionals who have completed all necessary education and training to become licensed in their field of practice. Unfortunately, psychotherapists are not doctors and cannot administer medications.

Kamia Harris is an Australian Psychologist with more than 18 years of experience working in mental health care. Her training includes counselling, critical incident response and organisational training.

She employs evidence-based therapy techniques to assist her clients in overcoming emotional challenges and barriers to mental health. With a special interest in neuroscience research and mindfulness-based techniques, her experience spans addiction, adjustment, stress, depression, anxiety, critical incident support, relationships and grief; additionally she specializes in sleep disorders. Her treatments are active direct and educational; additionally she uses cognitive behavioral therapy for many different mental health issues.


Neurofeedback is a drug-free, reward-based training system that trains your brain to recognize dissonant brainwave patterns and replace them with balanced, beneficial activity. This can help manage anxiety, addictions, and impulsivity.

Neurofeedback sessions involve wearing sensors that monitor brain activity and transmit this data to a computer. Your therapist then utilizes this feedback to alter your brain waves in order to achieve the desired state.

A therapist may project a positive image onto the computer screen to demonstrate that your brainwaves are in an ideal state. Such reinforcements can help promote the reorganization of these waves and restore optimal functioning.

Neurofeedback is an effective treatment for a variety of disorders and symptoms, such as autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD and learning disabilities. It often works in combination with medication and psychotherapy.


Counseling can be a powerful tool to enhance the quality of your life. It can assist with anxiety, depression, sleep problems, grief and trauma issues, relationship troubles and more. Counseling also offers an opportunity to learn new ways of thinking and acting.

Kamia Harris Psychologist Australia is a licensed psychologist with an established private practice in Canberra, Australia. Her expertise includes counselling and assessment, mental health intervention, critical incident response and organisational training as well as advisory and research roles.

Over the last 18 years, she has worked in a range of sectors such as the Department of Defence, private practices, the Australian Psychological Society, community health and disability services, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

She employs cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to treat mental health disorders. She integrates this approach with neuroscience research and mindfulness-based techniques, with a special interest in high prevalence disorders like anxiety or mood disorders. Her treatment methods are active, direct and educational – with an emphasis on helping rural clients.


Clinical psychologists are licensed health professionals that assess, diagnose, formulate and treat mental health and behavioural disorders. Unlike physicians, they do not prescribe medication but instead utilize psychological therapies to address symptoms and reduce distress.

Kamia Harris is a Registered Psychologist Australia and member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS). Her expertise spans across various sectors such as Defence, private practice, the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health.

She has extensive experience in critical incident response, organisational training and advisory roles, with special interests in neuroscience research and neuroplasticity, positive psychology and mindfulness based techniques. Trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Brief Therapy, she takes a caring approach to understanding each client’s individual hopes and needs before working together towards their objectives. Using mindfulness techniques such as meditation help clients increase self-awareness, improve resilience and manage stress & anxiety better.


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