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Kid-friendly Home Remodeling Ideas

Kid-friendly Home Remodeling Ideas

Learn a few tips to remodel your home while prioritizing the needs of your kids

A home remodeling project becomes a challenging task if you have kids at home. You have to remodel every aspect, keeping their safety and needs in mind. Hence, you have to design every corner of your house thoughtfully so that your kids do not get harmed while roaming here and there in your house. A kid-friendly home has vibrant colors, plenty of storage, and non-slippery flooring. If you want to have more remodeling ideas that will suit your kids then you can contact Jay Remodeling to hire our skilled professionals for your home remodeling project.

So, let us know some ideas that will suit your kids the best. 

Washable Wall paint

Children make the home messy by throwing their toys here and there and making the walls dirty by painting them. So, you can go with some washable paint colors that you can wash easily if your kids paint them or make them dirty while playing. You can also choose washable wallpaper that you can easily clean without putting in too much effort. Choose tiles, semi-gloss material, or vinyl wallpaper that are easy to wash off. These materials are hard to stain and strong enough to withstand a harsh cleaning process. 

Floating bathroom vanity

Floating vanities can be very handy when you want to store the bath essentials of your kids in an organized manner. You should place them at an ideal height so that your children can reach out to the shelves to find their bath essentials. Your children need a good amount of time around the vanity while brushing or washing their hands. However, they are not able to reach vanity very often as they are designed at an unreachable height if you consider the height of your children. So, you can use stools to help them reach the vanity to find their useful items. Moreover, you can organize this stool in the floating vanity when they are not in use. 


With kids in your house, you may always fall short of storage. Kids have a lot of toys, clothes, books, and other essentials that you need to organize appropriately. While organizing kids’ essential items you need to think about the systematic arrangement of those items. By systematic arrangement, we mean arranging items separately to avoid mess. Moreover, it will create a lot of hassles when you search for these items here and there in your home. So, you need to build built-in shelves and a lot of storage cabinets so that you can arrange all the kid’s items systematically. This will also ensure that your space looks organized and sorted. 

Carpet tile is a good idea

You cannot use regular carpets with kids in your home. Kids may face accidents while dealing with these carpets. They may slip while walking on the carpet. So, here comes the carpet tiles to the rescue. You can spread carpet tiles on your floor and avoid any such injuries that your kids may face while walking or running on the floor. 

Vinyl floor

Kids create a lot of mess around the house by spilling juices or throwing food items here and there. Hence, you need to install durable flooring material that will be easy to clean and need less maintenance than other flooring options. So, you can use vinyl flooring that requires low maintenance and is highly durable. Moreover, vinyl flooring is available in a lot of colors that can easily be incorporated into the décor of your home. 

Rounded corners

Kids are restless as they run and walk around the house all the time. However, if you have placed sharp-edged furniture or items in your house then it will be a tough task for you. So, you need to replace the low-level cabinets, side tables, or your furniture with round-edged cabinets and furniture to ensure safety for your children. 


You can remodel your home in many ways to make it child-friendly. However, you have to take care of a few things before you start incorporating any home remodeling ideas into your house. Hence, you can take the help of our home remodelers who can guide you on how to remodel your home to ensure the safety of your children. Besides adopting these ideas, you can also go with bright colors if you want to remodel your growing kids’ room. It will certainly add a positive vibe to the space and add a fun quotient to your kids’ room.

You can get remodeling estimates from Jay Remodeling if you want to remodel your home while keeping your kids’ needs in view. Our professionals will help you with amazing kid-friendly ideas that you can incorporate into your home to ensure the safety of your children. 


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