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Know the main causes of infertility in men and women

Know the main causes of infertility in men and women

Becoming parents is a wonderful feeling to have. The happiness and joy in giving birth to a new life cannot be limited to a few words. But some couples get deprived of this blissful joy in their life. Their hope of becoming parents gets shattered due to their infertility. To escape from the tag of infertile, they take the help of doctors or say, fertility experts. Even despite regular intercourse, if a woman is unable to get pregnant, then it raises an alarming sign. Well, it is not the only woman who suffers from this. 

It is the case with men also. If we take the case of India, taking current estimates, around 27.5 million people in India find it difficult to become parents due to infertility. It is indeed very devastating for any man and woman who with great hope goes for family planning. Well, taking medicines or frequent visits to a fertility doctor might not be that helpful in the long run unless you know the actual cause of it. Certain factors are blocking your way to becoming a parent. So join me in this article, as I am going to list down some of the main problems of infertility faced by couples today. 

Causes of infertility in men

Women are not the only ones affected by infertility. Men are equally bothered with it. And it is said that contrary to female infertility, the diagnosis of male fertility is more difficult to know. It is due to the reason no early signs of the symptom. So if you too are finding it difficult to impregnate your wife, then sorry to say, it is an indication of infertility caused by the factors given below. Take a note of them.

Tubal problems

The main infertility issue begins with a man’s semen or sperm. At the time a person does carnal intercourse with his female partner, there are different tubes through which his sperm passes until its final exit from the penis. And during ejaculation, if there is a blockage in tubes, then it indicates that the count of his sperm is very low, and this is a sign of infertility. 

Now it must trigger a question in your mind as to what is the main cause of this blockage of sperm. Well, it can be due to any deformity or no presence of vas deference. The other tubules behind the cause of sperm blockage might include the urethra, ejaculatory ducts, and epididymis. There can be other reasons that stop the flow of sperm in your penis. These are infections, cysts, and any surgery done in past. They all are factors of abnormal activity within the tubules. 


The next big reason behind infertility in males is varicoceles. These are the bigger veins in the scrotum affecting the production of normal sperms. This problem is the most common problem of infertility in men. The main cause of varicoceles according to infertility experts is due to the scrotum’s internal temperature being too high. For the development of normal sperm, it needs optimal temperature. Any disturbances in it will result in dysfunction of the penis and sperm flow. Varicoceles badly affect the quality, quantity, and morphology of sperm. 


If you have any untreated long time infections, then it can cause problems in sperm and tubes. Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea are the main cause of inflammation of man’s testicles and epididymis (it is the tube that helps in the flow of sperm from testicles to the vas deferens). HIV plays another negative role in producing healthy sperm. 

Retrogade ejaculation

Also known as dry ejaculation, in this situation, even if a man has healthy sperm, still, he might face problems with ejaculation and satisfying his female partner. Knowing more about it, retrograde ejaculation prevents the sperm to exit from the penis. Instead, it makes the entrance to the bladder at the time of orgasm. 

Other factors

An unhealthy lifestyle like sitting, not having physical activity, addicted to smoking are also the main causes of infertility in men. Besides these, obesity, excess alcohol intake, and taking recreational drugs, and bodybuilding supplements are also the main culprits in lowering your sperm quantity. Exposure to radiation and harmful chemicals also affects your fertility. 

Infertility in women

After knowing the main cause of infertility in men, now let us know what causes infertility in women. Giving a brief overview, it’s sometimes detected at the early stage, as the main cause is hormonal imbalance. But this is not the only cause of female fertility. There are other common causes you need to look at. 

Not having regular periods

If you are a woman who is facing non-regularity in periods, then it indicates the uncertain ovulation cycles. If this is something you are experiencing, then you might be suffering from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is the major and most common fact of irregular periods in women. This results in their infertility. 

Smoking and birth control pills

Smoking might look cool for both men and women, but little do they realize the bad effects it has on their fertility. Women who smoke a lot and have marijuana faces problem in conceiving or miscarriages. 

According to a study, it has been found that women who had the habit of smoking had the most common causes of miscarriages. Not only just smoking, women who have the intake birth control pills also face problems in getting pregnant. This is because these drugs disrupt the normal functioning of the hormone production in the body. 


Endometriosis is the most common cause of female infertility. Around 35 percent of cases have this common factor. In this problem, the uterine lining is not fully roofed, rather it gets sticks to other body organs. 


Age is also one of the major hurdles in the path of pregnancy for women, affecting the quality of their eggs. When they reach 35 years of age, then it deteriorates the egg quality further. Despite not experiencing menopause, a woman will still have problems conceiving. The case of miscarriages becomes much higher with growing age. 

Problem with Fallopian tubes

After the fertilization of the egg by sperm, it has to journey through the fallopian tube to enter the uterus. If there are problems in the fallopian tube, it brings down the chances of conceiving in women. Endometriosis, STIs, and infections add to the problem. 

Ending note

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