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Most common types of Commercial Insurance in California

Most common types of Commercial Insurance in California

Commercial insurance is very important in California and this is major because it is required by the business state laws. People who want to invest in Cal and want to start a new business there must get their businesses insured. Commercial insurance in California is the type of insurance that protects your business against loss that occurs because of damages to the property or because of any unforeseen problems. To get the best insurance plan for your company you need to check and complete the requirements.

Every commercial insurance provider has different insurance requirements for businesses depending on the nature of the company and its operations. Here you should know that if you complete the requirements then you can get your desired insurance type. There are multiple kinds of commercial insurance plans that you can get for your business. Some of the most common types have been discussed here in this post for your knowledge. Let us dig into their details:

Four most common types of Commercial Insurance plans!

Out of many, we have selected four that would be discussed below:

Commercial Property Insurance

The most common one is property insurance. Well as the name tells us this kind of insurance plan is only applicable for your commercial property. Any damages to your business property that are caused by a natural disaster or an accident can be covered with this commercial insurance. Know that property insurance only covers losses for structure and your inventory. Anything that is not included in the basic plan must be purchased as an ad on. 

Commercial Liability Insurance 

This kind of insurance is very important for a business as it protects you from all detriments that you might face on account of agreements with third parties. In simple words, any human error or mistake which results in loss to the customer or client connected with your business can be covered with liability insurance. Also, know that this insurance provides you coverage for medical bills in case a customer gets injured in your premises. Find out the company liability insurance cost and sign up for sure!

Worker’s compensation insurance 

This is another commercial insurance plan which helps you cover your employees if they get injured during their work. Not only this insurance provides medical coverage but it also covers for basic expenses like salaries of employees if you (policy holder) are unable to pay them because of a loss or accident. This kind of benefit is also included in general liability insurance in California plans.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The fourth type of commercial insurance plan for you is the one that provides coverage for your business cars. If you have a transport business or your company has cars that you use for official work then you need to get this insurance plan. The commercial auto insurance in California would give you coverage for any loss to your vehicle in case of an accident. Vehicle damage, goods in the car, and also medical bills due to injuries are also covered by this plan.


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