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Motel vs. Hotel: Which Is Best for Corporate Travel?

Motel vs. Hotel: Which Is Best for Corporate Travel?

Here we will go over the differences between a motel and a hotel and which accommodation is best for corporate travel. 

Motels and hotels are similar because they both offer a place to sleep and shower. However, these different establishments vary in many ways since hotels offer amenities and services at a higher price, and motels generally do not have these favorable qualities but rooms are cheaper.

So, what are the other primary differences between a hotel and a motel, and which is best for corporate travel? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Motel?

The word “motel” is short for “motorists hotel,” meaning that it’s generally a good option for people like truck drivers that need short-term lodging.

A cookie-cutter motel will be a one-story building next to a major street or highway.

What can you expect at a motel?

  • A cheap room
  • Little or no amenities
  • No Wi-fi or poor connection
  • A basic room with a bed, tv, dresser, and bathroom
  • A room that has a door opening directly into a parking lot
  • Easy access to the road
  • Easy check-in and out
  • A quiet atmosphere

To sum it up, a motel is a rest stop with a place to lodge and easy departure.

What Is a Hotel?

A hotel is an establishment that provides guests with accommodations, meals, amenities, and other services meant to make travelers and tourists feel at home and comfortable. 

Hotel quality varies greatly depending on price, brand name, location, and amenities available. 

In general, at the average hotel, you can expect:

  • A higher price tag than a motel
  • A pool, sauna, and gym
  • Laundry services or a dedicated wash and dry area
  • Free wi-fi
  • A business lobby with computers or work-related tools
  • Kitchen appliances like a microwave, mini fridge, and coffee maker
  • A larger room with a bed, dresser, desk, bathroom, and television
  • Free breakfast, room service, and on-site dining. 

A hotel provides more luxurious accommodation to travelers that are away for more than a day or two. Additionally, a hotel will offer its guests many services needed to go about their daily tasks.

Which Is Better For Corporate Travel?

Booking a hotel vs. a motel is an important decision to ponder because where you stay can significantly influence how satisfied and productive you are during corporate travel. So which option is best?

Generally, the accommodation you choose will boil down to personal preference and the details of your business trip.

When Would a Hotel Be The Best Option?

A hotel is better for business travelers that:

  • Plan to be in the city for more than a few days.
  • Will be spending quite a bit of time in their room.
  • Will be performing the majority of their work in their room.
  • Would like to take advantage of amenities like the gym or pool.
  • Would like access to meeting rooms or business centers.
  • Will be entertaining guests in their rooms. 

When Would a Motel Be The Best Option?

A motel might be a better option for travelers if:

  • Not much time will be spent in the room, or you only need a place to sleep and groom. 
  • Easy access to major roads is needed. 
  • The individual would like a place to stop and rest while traveling a long distance. 
  • Minimal work will be completed in the room.
  • The individual would like a quiet atmosphere.
  • A low-cost option is needed. 


The best option for your corporate travel lodging will be entirely dependent on the length of your trip, whether or not you will be entertaining guests in your room, how much time you will spend at the establishment, and the size of your budget. 

A hotel is the best option for travelers that need long-term lodging, amenities, access to local shops, a place to work, internet access, and a presentable space to entertain guests. 

A motel is the best option for travelers that need budget-friendly short-term lodging, a place to clean up, and easy access to the road.

If you go on business trips often, the type of accommodation you choose for each trip may be different from the last. However, if you stay at a motel for one trip, and a hotel on another, you will quickly come to a conclusion on which option is best for you in the future.


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