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Pest Inspection – Finding Your Pests

Pest Inspection – Finding Your Pests

If you think you have termites in your home, you should get a termite inspection report. Ranging from $50 to $1,000, a termite inspection is a cost-effective way to monitor your home for these pesky pests and has a good chance of detecting an early infestation.

Termite infestations are common in metropolitan Sydney and can be devastating. In fact, bed bugs have been known to bite their way into your home for months!

Examples that indicate termite activity include holes in wood,

Blister effects in drywall, the effect of revolving doors and honeycombs on wood, peeling paint, warping, and dirt tubes that are termite. Travel on However, only a professional pest inspection will reveal the extent of termite infestation. Also, if you find a termite nest near your home, it’s important not to disturb it and contact a pest control professional immediately.

Termite inspections should comply with Australian Standard AS3660 and should be very thorough. Pest inspection reports (if termites are found on your property) should contain information about the type of termite, the location and extent of the problem, and recommendations for the best solution for extermination and control.

The pest control professional should

Also explain what preventative measures you can take to prevent further outbreaks on your property. Pest inspection reports should also indicate if there are inaccessible areas that could be properly inspected.

Pest detection can be done using visual or thermal methods. The latter method is slightly more expensive but less invasive and has improved the precise location of termites and how they move through moisture and heat readings have become available. Thermal insect probes take the guesswork out of the equation, and it could be worth spending $200 or more to get more accurate data on termite activity.

Insurance does not cover a pest house,

So if your home is damaged by termites, you will have to pay more. As soon as you have the slightest suspicion of a termite problem, you need to act immediately. Scheduling regular“building and pest inspection the best way to protect yourself from the potentially expensive task of repairing extensive termite damage to your home’s structure.


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