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Popular monowheels In the United States


Ninebot One S2

The current Ninebot One S2 has become a bit more compact and weighs only about 12.3 kilograms. hoverboard vs electric unicycle The handle is now pullable which gives the device yet another finishing touch. By pressing the button you can switch the device on and off.

Also well thought out is the automatic engine shutdown when the carrying handles are pulled out. Especially handy when the device is taken in the hand to descend the stairs.

The charging socket has also been revised compared to its predecessor and is better protected against splashing water and dirt. Ninebot itself speaks of hermetic sealing and fuel water protection according to IP54 standards.

Ninebot has once again surpassed itself here and surpassed its popular predecessor once again. The selected materials are again of high quality and cleanly processed. The aluminum pedals are provided with an anti-slip adhesion and have also been significantly improved.

Only side pads were omitted from the Ninebot One S2.

Length: 41,8 cm

Width: 18.2 cm

Height: 45 cm

Engine power: 500 watts

Range: 25 kilometers

Splash water protection: IP54 Standard

Top speed: 24 km/h

Gradient: 15% possible

Payload: 120 kilograms

Weight: approx. 12.3 kilograms

Inmotion V8

The exclusive Monowheel Inmotion V8 convinces in numerous Monowheel reviews and is considered a reference device for many drivers. An extremely powerful engine, a top speed of up to 30 km/h, and a distance of up to 40 kilometers already make you sit up and take notice. In addition, the device has quite high pedals, which gives the device a low turning circle. Exclusive is also the price, which as of October is still over 1,000 €. Technically extremely mature and equipped with high-quality materials, the Solowheel can also convince off-road. Thanks to Trolly Stick, the device can also be pushed comfortably like a rolling suitcase when driving is not possible. All electrical components are well hidden and integrated into the Inmotion V8.

Engine power: 800 watts

Range: 40 kilometers

Splash water protection: not specified

Top speed: 30 km/h

Incline: 25% possible

Charging time: approx. 4-5 hours

Payload: 120 kilograms

Weight: 13.5 kilograms

Monowheel E400

The Monowheel E400 is the world’s first self-balancing electric unicycle and already enjoys cult status. The battery is fully charged within 2 hours and offers driving pleasure for up to 40 km at a time.

Engine power: 1500 watts

Range: 40 kilometers

Splash water protection: not specified

Top speed: 25 km/h

Gradient: 15% possible

Payload: 120 kilograms

Weight: 12.5 kilograms

Buying advice

If you want to buy a monowheel, it would be good to inform yourself in advance in specialist shops or on the Internet. In principle, security and performance should play an important role in the purchase decision, but we present all factors.


At speeds of up to 30 km/h, you have to be able to rely on your Solowheel. A direct implementation of the initiation of changes of direction and braking operations should be ensured.


Once gripped by fever, the monowheel quickly covers longer distances. Clean processing ensures that individual components do not say goodbye at an early stage. Therefore, the material quality and the interaction of the components are of decisive importance and also contribute to safety.


The mileage of the unicycles also differs from model to model. Devices with little engine power create a range of about 15 kilometers. The top-of-the-range devices have ranges of up to 40 kilometers.


Here, too, the individual models differ in maximum speed. Entry-level models reach about 15 km/h while the top models such as the Inmotion V8 Monowheel reach up to 30 km/h.


Each model drives differently. If you do not have the opportunity to visit a specialist dealer, you should get basic knowledge and experience in advance in test reports or on Youtube. Some models react very intensively to changes of direction or have a very small turning circle thanks to elevated pedals. One person likes it, the other rather not. Here only testing and testing again helps.

The devices also have a built-in sense of balance or self-balancing function. This is made possible by the built-in gyro instruments.


The maximum load capacity indicates how heavy the driver or the entire payload may be. For most electric unicycles, the upper limit is reached at 120 kilograms. The driving characteristics also change with increasing final weight, so that in case of doubt only a personal monowheel test provides information.

Product weight

Most models oscillate between 12 and 15 kilograms. Light enough to carry the unicycle up the last steps after the ride to the office.


The charging time is between 2 and 5 hours, depending on the battery, on most models. To supply the Elektromoter with energy, simply connect the unicycle to a conventional socket, the cables are included in the scope of delivery.


If you carry out a monowheel test, you will hardly find any devices that are delivered without lighting. In addition to a headlight in the direction of travel, the current models also have brake lights and often have LEDs installed on the sides for a brisk overall look.

Carrying handle

If the Airwheel is not operated, it can be worn comfortably by means of a carrying handle. Particularly practical in the top models is the extendable carrying handle, which transforms the unicycle into a trolley. Also practical is the switch-off function, which is activated so that the carrying handle is pulled out and the motor is switched on again as soon as the handle is sunk.


The future is networked. Therefore, current models are now delivered with an app that can be used to determine some metrics such as speed or location using GPS. But also a speed locking or the control of the LED can be done with the app great.

Alternatives to monowheel

Of course, the Monowheel is not the only electrically powered means of transport with a hit character. Also, the monowheels are not for everyone and are disadvantageous when it comes to road approval, luggage transport, range, and speed. Therefore, we also take a look at the existing alternatives to the Solowheel.


Perhaps the most similar form of locomotion is offered by Segway devices. cheap electric skateboards These have an operating permit and offer a significantly higher level of comfort. However, Segways are not so easy to transport to the third floor or are less transportable.


The electric bicycle is currently experiencing a real boom. Initially decried as modern mopeds, they have completely turned the bicycle scene upside down within a few years and taught otherwise. Ever longer ranges due to ever-better batteries and constantly falling prices make the e-bike a real alternative. Only the unique character of the Airwheel is lost.

Electro Scooter

Electric scooters, also called electric scooters, are similar to pedal scooters. On the running board, the legs are parked and the scooters are steered by means of a handlebar. The only difference is the possibility of taking a seat on a saddle. For small trips into the city, the electric scooter is an alternative to the Solowheel.


Currently, there is hardly a more practical device for locomotion, which can keep up with the Monowheel in terms of flexibility. The rapid movement over flat roads is also a lot of fun. It is also particularly practical that the search for a parking space has come to an end and no one has to fear that his monowheel will be stolen.

Because, unlike the bicycle, you simply clamp the unicycle under your arm at the destination and take it with you to the office or put it in your house and apartment. However, the police and officials do not share the enthusiasm, because monowheels do not have the necessary permission to operate on public roads or in pedestrian zones. In the worst case, a hefty fine and confiscation including criminal proceedings threaten.


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