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Home Entertainment Rapper Ice Spice Is One of the Hottest Names in Hip-Hop

Rapper Ice Spice Is One of the Hottest Names in Hip-Hop

Rapper Ice Spice Is One of the Hottest Names in Hip-Hop

Bronx-born rapper Sabrina Suleman has quickly become one of the hottest names in music today. With viral hit “Munch (Feeling U)” and Top 5 collab “Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2” with PinkPantheress, Sabrina has gained millions of new fans across social media.

Ice spice net worth hails from the Bronx, and began creating music as a teenager. Last year she made waves when she released “Munch (FeelingU),” quickly attracting the notice of Canadian rapper Drake who featured it on SiriusXM radio station.

She’s a New Yorker

Ice Spice was born Isis Gaston and began her rap career in the underground scene while growing up in Bronx. Her father introduced her to music when he himself had been an underground rapper.

Her debut hit ‘Munch (Feeling U)’ may have only come out last year, yet she quickly made waves with its catchy rap style and attitude. More recently, her latest single with Nicki Minaj entitled ‘Princess Diana’ has already become popular.

But her true success has come on Tiktok, where her catchy tunes have been an internet phenomenon among many young millennials. No doubt it is due to her catchy rap style, unique look and straightforward approach that resonates so strongly with many listeners.

Ice Spice may find herself having difficulty navigating her fanbase, but that hasn’t deterred her. Instead, she has accepted her status as “Munchkin” as an opportunity to improve her craft – showing that when done right it can be lots of fun!

She’s a Baddie

Ice Spice made her debut last summer and quickly made an impressionful first impression with her debut track “Munch (Feeling U).” It went viral on TikTok before propelling her into hip-hop prominence. Since then, she’s released tracks such as “Bikini Bottom,” “In Ha Mood,” and “Like..”

As she makes waves in music, 23-year-old artist Amber Coffman has made waves by embracing both her unique persona and cultural background of her upbringing. Even Kim Kardashian and North West seem taken by her charisma.

Mother and daughter duo shared an adorable video in which they lip sync along to one of her most popular hits – even taking to Instagram to pay their creative tribute to this rising star!

She’s a Lyricist

Ice Spice has quickly become one of the most acclaimed rappers in Bronx drill music scene, garnering co-signs from major figures like Drake and Cardi B.

As soon as you listen to her music, it becomes evident that she has an unshakeable sense of her identity and self-assurance in her work. She doesn’t shy away from exploring her stardom as other would.

Self-confidence and authenticity have allowed her to build an extensive following without suffering backlash from anyone on social media. She uses this strong reputation as fuel for song writing; from her debut EP “Like.?” to PinkPantheress’s collab “Boy’s A Liar Part 2,” all are fuelled by this strong foundation of trustworthiness.

Her breakthrough single, “Munch (Feeling U),” became a smash hit thanks to an engaging TikTok video uploaded in August that went viral across the platform. Since then, its Spotify streams have reached over two million and made it one of New York City’s most beloved Drill songs ever.

She’s a Queen

She credits her father with helping her navigate her way through music. Already the “No Clarity” rapper has made waves with viral hits like “Munch”, “In Ha Mood” and “Bikini Bottom”.

She even earned a Dazed magazine cover under the moniker, “The People’s Princess.” Nicki Minaj has shown an affinity for Ice Spice’s rhymes; in fact, recently the 23-year-old Bronx rapper released a remixed version of “Princess Diana,” featuring Queen MC as an additional guest contributor.

While fans have been looking for videos of Ice Spice being robbed, TMZ Hip Hop sources inform us that all this drama may actually be caused by some clever trolling. A video showing one TikTok user wearing what appeared to be her necklace went viral Wednesday and people immediately began accusing the individual of trying to take it.

Closer inspection reveals that the chain belongs to Nicki Minaj, as evidenced by her wearing it at her OVO Fest performance. Nicki and RiotUSA collaborated on her debut EP “Like.?” that peaked at No. 19 on Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B charts; both projects are executive produced by RiotUSA.


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