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Home Health Reducing That Irritating Shoulder Pain Through the Use of Physical Therapy

Reducing That Irritating Shoulder Pain Through the Use of Physical Therapy

Reducing That Irritating Shoulder Pain Through the Use of Physical Therapy

Automobile accidents, sports injuries and chronic illnesses are some of the most common reasons why an individual may seek treatment from a physical therapist. Doctors often recommend these professional services for post-operative patients or individuals with complex conditions that require additional assistance or monitoring. If left untreated, injuries can progressively become more severe and trigger pain or discomfort in surrounding areas of the body. Physical therapy may be a great option for those suffering from shoulder pain, as these licensed professionals can provide a multitude of customized treatment plans.

Reduce the Pain and Shoulder Weakness

Shoulder pain can be exacerbated by lifting heavy objects, rotating the position of one’s arm or engaging in certain activities. If the source of discomfort is due to an acute injury, physical therapists can work to decrease pain by temporarily immobilizing the arm to stabilize any muscles, ligaments or joints that have been affected. Using splints or athletic tape, physical therapists can work to decrease any unnecessary strain that may cause further damage. Electrical stimulation and ultrasounds can be a great way to restore adequate blood flow and function to an injured area.

Shoulder injuries can create significant weakness in one’s neck, arm and back. Strengthening exercises that aim to build muscle can help counteract any loss in strength. During physical therapy for shoulder pain, patients may use dumbbells, elastic bands or one’s body weight to generate appropriate levels of resistance.

Bring Down Swelling and Lessen Stiffness

Applying ice or a cool compress to an inflamed or swollen area can help increase movement and reduce pain. However, some injuries require more extensive intervention when looking to restore healthy blood flow, remove toxins and smooth out any torn fiber or tissue buildup. Physical therapists will often use deep, passive manipulation to open constricted compartments within the shoulder to free accumulated fluid or inflammation.

Guarding a limb or injured area is often an individual’s initial reaction when experiencing severe or irritating pain. Over time, this action can lead to stiffness or decreased mobility in one’s shoulder. By researching the best physical therapists near me, patients can locate professionals that use massage to treat muscle tension, nerve impingement or spasms, as well as trigger point release to fight against referred pain.

Learn How To Prevent Future Occurrences

Physical therapy can create a drastic improvement in one’s quality of life. Not only can an individual resume certain activities, but they can learn to properly manage their pain level. Given the fact that physical therapy is often conducted on a short-term or as-needed basis, it is imperative that patients understand the different modalities and exercises that can be used for any future flare-ups. Individuals can learn how to properly identify the source of their shoulder pain, and they can correctly utilize self-care techniques. Locating a physical therapy in Midtown Oklahoma City that can properly educate patients on their various conditions is essential for long-term relief.

The thought of going to physical therapy can seem daunting. Determine your individual needs and find a professional that can adequately assist in your recovery.


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