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Home News Suzy Perez – Former Model and Heroin Addict

Suzy Perez – Former Model and Heroin Addict

Suzy Perez – Former Model and Heroin Addict

Suzy Perez, born in Dominican Republic, was one of the most sought-after models in America during the 90s. Her stunning beauty earned her admiration around the globe.

After signing a contract with an Italian modeling agency, she was tortured, raped and drugged multiple times by unknown men before disappearing from public view.

Born in the Dominican Republic

Suzy Perez was born in the Dominican Republic and raised amid extreme poverty. Despite her difficult upbringing, Suzy worked tirelessly towards reaching her goals.

She rose to become one of the world’s most renowned models during the 1990s. She featured prominently in several music videos and graced the covers of several prestigious magazines.

Unfortunately, her life took an unfortunate turn when she joined a fraudulent modeling agency which drugged and became addicted to marijuana.

After leaving her modeling agency, she ended up living on the streets. It was here that Univision’s Genela Solano discovered her!

At first, she was struggling with drug addiction and going through a difficult period. Although she began on a journey towards sobriety, it quickly turned into a relapse and she stopped going to the hospital. As a result, she became homeless and started living out of trash cans. Despite this dire circumstance, kind-hearted individuals continued to provide her with financial assistance.

Started her career as a model

Suzy Perez, born in Dominican Republic, was one of the top models during the 90’s. She stood out with her long dark hair, caramel complexion and amazing figure.

She appeared in music videos for P Diddy and J Lo, enjoying a successful modeling career and living the American dream.

She began to struggle with mental health issues and drug addiction, ultimately leading her to the streets where she survives by eating out of trash cans while living in dire conditions.

Her family attempted to assist her with rehab costs and she appealed for support from her fans and followers through a GoFundMe campaign.

Unfortunately, she has since relapsed and is back on the streets. She refuses to attend any type of rehabilitation facility or accept housing or being treated in a hospital.

Signed herself out of rehab

Suzy Perez, a former model who is barely recognisable due to her heroin addiction that lasted years. The harmful substances have severely disrupted Suzy’s social life, physical health and mental wellbeing.

The model reportedly lost her child custody due to drug use and was also raped by men associated with the modeling agency that signed her. This caused her to lose control over her life, leading her to leave rehab in New York without finishing it.

She was found living on the streets of New York, begging for money. She subsists on food from trash cans and relies on people’s kindness for both food and shelter.

Gelena Solano, a reporter from Univision’s “El Gordo y La Flaca,” has done her best to assist Suzy. She brought her to six different rehabilitation facilities, but Suzy refused to enter any of them.

She has since relapsed and now lives on the streets of New York, eating from trash cans while asking for money to feed her addiction.

Living on the streets

Suzy Perez, a former model, was once renowned for her captivating looks. People admired her thick black locks, golden skin tone and toned figure.

Unfortunately, her life took an unpleasant turn when she was drugged, raped, and brutalized by men employed at a modeling agency. As a result, she developed addiction issues which eventually led her to live on the streets.

Her life on the streets is a tragic and painful one. She has been struggling with heroin addiction for years, living in unbearable conditions.

She has been struggling with her addiction for so long that it has taken a toll on her social life, physical health and mental wellbeing. She is barely recognisable from who she once was.

Her nephew Joshua has been using social media to raise awareness about his niece’s situation and raise funds for rehabilitation. He even created a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to reach more people.


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