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The Only 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business

The Only 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business

I’ve been marketing online since 2004. Back then, before even Google, and Facebook, and Instagram, and Snapchat, and Twitter, and all the social media. It’s very interesting how marketing online or internet marketing has evolved over the years, and things seem to be, there seems to be a lot of noise and things seem to be very, very complicated.

It’s actually not that complicated. Today I’m gonna teach you the only five ways, five ways you can drive traffic to your business and to your website. Do you have an offer, do you have a funnel, do you have wordpress seo experts or do you have a business that you need more eyeballs, you need more traffic? I think you’ll find this video very, very helpful. Way number one, and that is you earn it. You earn it, and what od I mean by that? I’m talking about your blog. I’m talking about your YouTube channel.

I’m talking about your podcast. Earning it means that you are creating content. Usually it’s a functio of content marketing. You are putting content out there. Hopefully it adds value to peoples’ lives, and when enough people see it, they will wanna learn a bit more and they will click and opt into your offer, or opt into your funnel, or buy one of your products. You gotta earn it. Now the problem with earning it is, you got to earn it, right? You gotta earn it with your time.

You gotta earn it with you effort. You’re spending something because you are investing your time and effort to create content on a consistent basis. And the problem is, with social media, with the internet, I always say, social media, it is like a monster that it’s never enough, right? You always keep feeding this monster, this content monster. That it doesn’t matter how much content you create, this monster will eat it all up. And there’s a time and place for that.

I do a lot of content marketing, for sure, but if that’s your only strategy, I think it’s a bit dangerous. So first way is you got to earn it. Earn it with your content. Number two is you buy it. I’m talking about now paid traffic. You’re running Google ads, you’re running YouTube ads, you’re running Instagram ads, you’re running Google Display ads, you’re running Facebook ads, you are running banner ads. It doesn’t matter, but you are paying for the traffic.

You are paying to be paid per impression or paid per click. Doesn’t matter, but you’re spending actual dollars to drive traffic to your website. now disadvantage is, it’s costs you money. You need to be able to spend money in order to acquire more traffic. The upside is, you look at any business online, any business that is substantial, pretty much they rely on buying traffic because when you can buy traffic, it means you can scale the business.

You can scale the number of people, the number of visitors going to your website, going to your business, going to your offer. So that’s a very powerful strategy. You need to have that. Number three, and that is you can borrow it. Meaning other people already have traffic. They already have visitors, they already have eyeballs. How could you borrow that?

The way you would do that is through, it could be an affiliate program. It could be through joint venture. Meaning, example, you have a joint venture partner that has a list of 100,000 people, and you’ve got an offer, and you can struck a deal, you can structure a deal where the joint venture partner, (mumbles) is promoting your offer to his or her list in exchange of a commission. You are borrowing their traffic source. Another way you could do it is also maybe you have articles.

You have content that other websites, other channels that are willing to feature your content. You’re also borrowing their traffic. Sometimes you borrow for money where we pay them (mumbles) commission, or you borrow for free, then you don’t actually have to pay them. So that’s way number three, and that’s borrow the traffic. Number four is you can also recycle traffic.

What do I mean by that? It means, let’s say you have an opt in offer where someone goes to your website and they’ve given you the email address and name, and they’ve given you permission to communicate with them frequently. Now you’re building your email list. Now those visitors you might have spent some money, or you might have earned it.

It doesn’t matter. Now they are in your email list. You can keep sending them offers, you keep sending them emails and driving them back to your website, your content. You’re basically recycling their traffic. It’s the same visitor. Example, I could have someone. I could have a fan, I could have visitor going to my website. They have opted into my list (mumbles) my free F.U. Money book. If, by they way, you have not download my F.U. Money book, what the hell is wrong with you, man?

Click the link somewhere and download the Ebook. If you just wanna see the process, how it works. So after you opt into the list, maybe I would email them, hey here’s a latest video on whatever topic. Go watch the video. Or follow me on Instagram. So they come in through an email, but then perhaps they could follow me on Instagram, they could subscribe to my YouTube channel, they could subscribe to my podcast, they could read my blog. I am recycling the traffic.

It’s the seam person but I’m recycling the traffic through different channels. Does that make sense? Way number five, and that is re-target. Retargeting the traffic. Usually it’s a function of Facebook, but also YouTube as well, Google as well, where you are retargeting. So they’ve visited your website. They have gone through your offer. Maybe they have not bought.

Example, let’s say you have an offer at $500, and you have that on your website. Then they’ve gone to your website, but they’re like, you know what, I’m not ready to buy this yet. Maybe a little bit later. No problem, you can run retargeting ads. Retarget the visitors have gone through your website but have not bought today. Then you can show them some more things. Maybe another testimonial, more social proof, or create some more urgency, or give them some more information.

You are retargeting them to create more traffic. Those are the only ten ways to drive traffic to your business, to your website. Everything online, it pretty much falls under one of these categories. So what should you do? Which one should you start off with? A better approach, I believe, is you pick one of them. You just pick one of them to start off with. If you’ve got a proven offer that actually converts, that’s working well, maybe you wanna start off with borrowing other peoples’ traffic, or you don’t have a budget.

You don’t have a lot of money, but you have time, then you invest the time, then you earn their traffic. Maybe you write a weekly blog post. Maybe you do a podcast on a weekly basis. Maybe you will do YouTube video. To doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It just takes time. You’re investing your time, end effort, and your talents to get eyeballs, right? To get traffic, or maybe you say, you know what, I’ve got an offer, I’ve already done some blogging, I’ve done some content marketing. It’s time to scale my business. Then

You wanna allocate the amount of budget to buy traffic, to grow your business. I believe in the beginning, just pick one and focus on that. Get it to a certain level. So from here to here. Then there you can then diversify a bit. Within my own business I do all five. I do a lot of things to earn traffic. I spend a lot of money to buy traffic. I also have a lot of (mumbles) and joint venture relationship that I borrow traffic from, right? Also building my email list to recycle traffic.

Example, go to Instagram and follow me on Instagram at Danlock. Right now go there, I’ll put a link there. That’s recycling the traffic, right? Then I’m taking a YouTube attention, a YouTube fan, and then we cycle down to Instagram. We build up the Instagram following, right? Also if you click on my website, you know, I’ve got a pretty dialed in retargeting funnel. Meaning once you’ve seen some of my content, you will get retargeting again. You see me again, and again, and again, and again that’s all you do. Those five ways. Make it simple. Don’t make it so complicated. Pick one thing and master it, and then you can add the other, and that’s how you scale your business and that’s how you scale your business fast.


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