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Various Process & Methods to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Various Process & Methods to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly referred to as impotence, is the failure to get and sustain an erection. So this is becoming a prevalent condition among men owing to various causes. Yet, you can treat erectile dysfunction after knowing the exact cause. 

Several potential causes for erectile dysfunction include psychological problems like worry and despair. Physical reasons consist of:

  • hardening of the arteries
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • adverse medication reactions 
  • drug misuse
  • smoking
  • nerve and artery damage
  • obesity 

Since the condition is growing among men, several effective erectile dysfunction remedies may be mechanical, medical, or even surgeries. After assessing your unique health concerns, you may consult your doctor to find the best Erectile Dysfunction Medicine.

The possible sexual dysfunction treatment includes:

  • making lifestyle changes
  • counseling
  • vacuum pumps
  • sex therapy
  • shockwave therapy
  • surgeries
  • medications
  • penile injections

Dealing with ED can be infuriating if you don’t treat the condition on time. Further, it may take a toll on your relationships and significantly affect your mental state. 

You would be desperately looking for medical solutions or any other treatment to address ED. Further, you may fall prey to any scam since they are several advertisements across the digital and print media. However, you must note that you cannot consume medication without a prescription, mainly if ED is due to any underlying medical condition. 

We understand that talking about ED Infront of your doctor can be embarrassing. Yet, the online mediations and OTC supplements labeled to help you last long don’t have FDA approval. Hence, you must consult a doctor then he will offer the right way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Ohman offers online consultation where you can consult experts from the comfort of your home. So only after consulting do, the experts consider having medications or other erectile dysfunction cure.

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Methods To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Some men might treat erectile dysfunction with modifications to their lifestyle, including increased physical activity and a nutritious diet. Others may need treatment with medicines. So let us check the best ED treatment. 

1. Medications

Medications used orally are frequently the first approach for ED cure. So, these drugs are effective and have minimal adverse effects for most men with erectile dysfunction. Several drugs, notably phosphodiesterase inhibitors, testosterone replacement therapy, and alprostadil, may help with weak erection treatment

So the most prevalent medication includes Viagara, Sildenafil, and Cialis. So these medications function by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase enzyme, which improves blood flow to the genitals.

Seek your doctor’s approval before using any medicine for erectile dysfunction. Further medicines for erectile dysfunction cure may not be effective or may be harmful if:

  • you are on nitrate drugs
  • suffering hypotension or hypertension
  • diabetes
  • have serious liver illness
  • kidney illness necessitating dialysis 

Additionally, never use “herbal” or over-the-counter drugs that claim to be identical to oral prescriptions for erectile dysfunction. These alternatives are ineffective, and some include dangerous ingredients.

2. Penile injections treat erectile dysfunction

Injections to treat erectile dysfunction are typically given to the penis. Further, they are self-administered after you learn the correct way from your doctor. They function by loosening the penis’s muscles, allowing blood to flow to the penis, and causing an erection. Injections are usually advisable one to three times per week.

The most frequent negative effects at the injection site are discomfort, edoema, and bruising. In rare instances, the injection may produce priapism, a prolonged erection for up to four hours. If priapism occurs, it needs medical attention immediately to avoid permanent damage to the penis. Additionally, Injections are an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, but they are not suitable for everyone. They may not be ideal for men with bleeding disorders or who take blood-thinning medication.

3. Vacuum Devices

These are one of the most prevalent erectile dysfunction treatment options. The gadget consists of a tube to put over the penis.

Then, a vacuum is produced inside the cylinder, causing the penis to rise. A constricting ring is put at the penis base to prolong the erection after removing the tube. 

The vacuum device is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction but can cause bruising or pain in the penis. They are simple to use and work by creating a vacuum around the penis, which helps to draw blood into the penis and maintain an erection. However, before buying a device to treat erectile dysfunction consider buying a good brand and the one appropriate for your size in case you have a small or large-sized penis. 

4. Penile Prostheses 

A penile prosthesis is a device inserted into the penis to achieve and sustain an erection. Further, the gadget placement requires into the penis requires a medical procedure. Once in place, the prosthesis can be inflated or deflated to achieve an erection. Further, this procedure is only advisable if other options to treat erectile dysfunction fail.

Penile prostheses are generally considered to be safe and effective. Complications are rare but can include infection, bleeding, and device malfunction. Further, you may necessitate surgery to replace the device. If you can’t have natural erections, you may never attain erections once you remove the device. 

Before agreeing to the surgery, discuss with your doctor the risks and benefits of this method to treat erectile dysfunction.

5. Shockwave Treatment for ED

The shockwave treatment for ED is a new, non-invasive treatment. The therapy uses high-frequency sound waves to stimulate blood flow to the penis, resulting in improved erections. In a recent study, men who underwent shockwave therapy reported significant improvement in their erectile function. 

So a device resembling a wand provides shockwave treatment to various parts of the penis. The gadget generates moderate pulses as a healthcare professional glides it around the penis for approximately 15 minutes, and no anesthetic is necessary. Further, the pulses increase penile blood circulation and tissue remodeling. If you have erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy may be an excellent treatment option. 

The side effects involve mild bruising, numbness, swelling, and might cause pain while having sex due to these reasons. 

Final Say

So here are some of the medical options to treat erectile dysfunction. Ensure to consult with your doctor and then choose any treatment option. 


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