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What are essential animal welfare domains?

What are essential animal welfare domains?

Animals are an important part of our environment and play a significant role in our lives. As many animals are used by humans as companions, help and guides. Animal welfare deals with the quality of life experienced by the animals and how well they are treated by humans. Humans are threatening their surroundings and their lives or not?. In the past animals were treated badly and there was no proper system of animal welfare in the past. Animals were kept under control by using fence installations in forests to keep a check on them and experiment on them. But nowadays many organizations and animal rights watches are working on the international level to keep these types of wrongdoings in check. There are four major domains of animal welfare which are essential to ensure the safety of animals.


Just like humans proper nutrition and clean water are one of the major rights of animals as well. Any individual and organization in possession of any sort of animal should ensure that the owned animal’s diet is sufficient and balanced and meets his or her daily nutritional needs. food and water served to the animals should be clean as well. Every animal has a different requirement in terms of food and nutrition that’s why it is important to manage the variety and quantity of the food, as well as excess amounts of food, which can also be harmful to them.


Animals should be kept in their natural environment because changes in temperature, space, air, odour and substrate can make them uncomfortable. Because unlike humans animals are not adaptable to the environment and changes in the environment can negatively affect their health. Moreover, Animals should not be put in cages and cramped spaces. Owners of animals should provide them with their natural habitat or condition or their natural habitat.


Health is one of the tissues or issues faced by organizations and individuals because unlike humans animals cannot tell about their concerns. That’s why it’s important to vaccinate them on time and keep a check on their health condition. In case of injury and impairment animals should be treated by a professional vet.


Humans should try to understand behavioural changes in animals and try to figure out other desirable behaviours and behaviours that made them uncommon animals. owners show methods of holding sensory inputs, exploring and playing to figure out what their pet desired and what makes them angry and happy?. Just like their physical health, their mental health is also important.


Animal welfare is very important because around the globe animals are suffering for entertainment purposes, for food, for fashion and scientific advancements as well as for exotic pets. Just like humans animals also deserve to have a good life because just like humans they can feel pain and have emotions. These days we can see videos of animal abuse on the internet and even in real life we can see how animals are killed for their teeth and fur just for the sake of the same money.


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