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What are The Different Types of Banarasi Saree Fabrics

What are The Different Types of Banarasi Saree Fabrics

Banarasi silk sarees are some of the most elegant and timeless garments to wear, boasting exquisite patterns and shades that are certain to turn heads wherever they go. They will make sure that you stand out in a crowd!

Craftspeople of extraordinary skill weave the saree to ensure its quality and will not disappoint you.

Katan Silk

Katan silk is an age-old tradition from Banarasi saree that dates back centuries. Made with pure silk threads, its delicate fabric can be used for any event imaginable – be it weddings, parties or casual occasions. Sturdy yet comfortable fabric makes the Katan silk perfect to feel beautiful while looking incredible.

These Banarasi sarees feature intricate designs with multiple motifs and patterns that are sure to make a statement at weddings or any other special event. Their versatile styles can make them perfect for special occasions like weddings and other celebratory gatherings, featuring a range of colors for an effortlessly chic look.

Durable and long-wearing, they can last for extended periods. Renowned for their luxurious appearance and luxurious feel, these bracelets exude royalty when worn.

Katan sarees are among the most beloved types of Banarasi sarees, made of silk yarn which has been twisted and then woven to form an authentic Banarasi fabric saree. Katans are ideal for anyone seeking an exquisite high-quality Banarasi piece at an attractive price.

This intricately woven Banarasi saree features traditional floral motifs and designs as well as gold brocade borders and fine silver-gold zari work, perfect for formal events.

Indian brides frequently opt for the classic elegance of the saree as part of their bridal attire. Crafted from fine silk fabric, sarees can be paired with matching blouses to achieve an exquisite look.

Katan silk sarees are popular choices among women who appreciate ethnic wear, looking for a versatile piece that they can wear daily. Additionally, this style makes an excellent option for those with smaller feet who require something with a flatter front.


Organza fabric is a delicate material that is ideal for crafting projects and garments of all sorts. As it comes in different colors and patterns, organza can add the finishing touches to many garments or craft projects.

Organza-like fabric is created using natural silk fibers produced by silkworms and then spun into threads by spinning machines. Once sewn together, this creates the characteristic organza texture.

Fabric made of synthetic materials is also capable of being created, but its production requires different procedures than when used to produce silk and utilizes more chemicals during its creation process.

Organza fabric may seem light-weight, but its fragility makes it vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it’s crucial that organza is regularly hand washed or dry cleaned to preserve its quality and prevent it from becoming worn-out or damaged.

Fabric for dresses, skirts and blouses crafted with this material makes sewing easy, making your outfit truly stylish! It will complete the look.

Pique fabric lends an exquisite and distinctive finish to garments made with it, adding an airy quality and air flow for excellent breathing qualities. Ideal for all styles and designs.

These fabrics are frequently adorned with intricately embroidered designs and motifs. Indian women also favor printed organza sarees which come in an array of colors and styles with or without borders.

Lightweight fabric like crepe de chine makes it suitable for many events and functions, from weddings and ethnic parties to formal affairs such as banquets. Pair it with matching lehengas to complete formal looks if necessary. However, try to avoid wearing crepe in hot environments as its shape could quickly disappear!


Georgette silk fabric is lightweight and comfortable. Easily dyeable in various hues, Georgette can also be easily maintained to preserve its color-fast qualities over time. Perfect for designing salwar kameez outfits and designer sarees!

Wedding and formal events provide the ideal setting to wear these exquisite sarees, which often boast embroidery, sequins, and beadwork embellishments. A beloved piece of traditional Indian clothing, it is highly esteemed for its beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance.

Banarasi georgette sarees offer an exquisite blend of classical Indian tradition and modern ethnic fashion, and are popular choices among women of all ages and in different styles, colors and designs.

Wedding and formal occasions make great occasions to wear these elegant gowns, often embellished with intricate embroidery and sequins, with various patterns and designs including floral or geometric motifs.

If you want to look your best, a banarasi georgette saree could be just what’s necessary. Made from soft fabric that’s easily embellished with intricate thread work and sequins.

Fabric can be worn comfortably year-round and adds flair to any wardrobe. Pairing different pieces of accessory adds further depth of choice – creating an interesting visual display!

These sarees are perfect for wedding mehendi ceremonies and evening events alike, offering a stunning look when combined with different accessories to complete their stunning look. Available in an assortment of colors and materials, you can create beautiful combinations by pairing it with white blouses and chunky earrings for an elegant appearance.


Jacquard fabric was first invented by French textile artisan Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804. This unique texture features complex patterns woven directly into its material surface and can be used for clothing and homeware production.

Before the Jacquard loom was developed, weaving intricately designed fabrics like brocade and damask was time-consuming and costly; hence only available to upper class people.

Fabrics such as silk have quickly become the fabric of choice for apparel and homewares alike. Additionally, silk fabrics make an elegant and luxurious statement at weddings or other grand events.

Jacquard offers many advantages, including durability, versatility, and ornamental designs. Additionally, its lightweight material allows it to be worn year-round without feeling cumbersome or hot.

Saffiano fabric has long been favored by women who appreciate intricate designs and gorgeous motifs in their clothing. Additionally, this elegant material makes an excellent fabric choice for Indian bridal wear as it is easy to drape and appears sophisticated.

These beautiful sarees offer an array of designs and colors perfect for any special event or celebration, featuring a stunning golden zari border to add an additional layer of elegance.

This exquisite silk saree will last you for years and make you feel like royalty at any event you attend. Get it from Mirraw for superior quality sarees for any special event you have coming up.


Resham fiber is a soft and smooth thread used in various kinds of fabric production. Resham has been around for centuries, used both traditional garments as well as contemporary designs. Made entirely from silk threads, Resham can be weaved into many materials.

Resham sarees are an excellent way for women to show off their femininity. Featuring floral patterns and intricate zari embroidery work, these elegant attires add extra charm.

These versatile sarees can be worn multiple ways and come in various colors. When combined with other traditional accessories like bangles or earrings, the style becomes even more beautiful and graceful.

This lightweight fabric resham saree features exquisite floral motifs on every fabric panel for an exquisitely detailed design, ideal for wearing at weddings and other special events, or on an evening outing.

This resham silk saree features soft as silk fabric accentuated with delicate jamdani weaves that makes an exquisite statement. Additionally, you could pair it with a matching blouse piece to complete the look.

These sarees are an exquisite delight for every woman. Made with exquisite Resham Embroidery and Gotta Patti work, these stunning coral pink sarees feature an eye-catching Pallu and border. Plus they come complete with their matching blouse.


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