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When to Use MMA Gloves?

When to Use MMA Gloves?

MMA gloves are made to protect fighters from smaller strikes – not the larger slugging kind that heavy bags typically produce. Fighters who only train with heavy bags need to be careful and purchase special boxing gloves for punching a heavy bag.

Although boxing gloves are best for heavy bags, MMA (mixed martial arts) gloves are recommended for lighter bags because they allow you to feel the bag better. Ideally, you should wear MMA gloves when working out on your heavy bag. However, you should also make sure that your hands and wrists stay up when throwing punches or performing power moves. This may be true with boxing gloves as well.

Pre-shopping for gloves should include analyzing the products’ levels of feedback and stability to avoid making accidental or friction-caused wounds during simulation exercises.

MMA fighters use MMA gloves that feature a velcro wrist strap to prevent them from being tricked into thinking they are punching harder than they really are. These gloves are used in training against other fighters who wear gloves since MMA fighting is done without protection of any kind.

Don’t use MMA gloves if you’re done with training and don’t have competitions scheduled. They provide protection for your fingers and knuckles, not for punching the bag. If you only train a couple of times a week, they might protect enough; but I recommend wraps even if they’re all you have available.

MMA Gloves Used For

MMA gloves are special gloves that fighters wear during a match. They cover the hands, fingers, and forearms. They help to protect fighters’ hands from hard punches to the face. MMA gloves are made of layers including foam, leather shell with attached cuff, and protruding padding.

The four-way straps of MMA gloves allow for an ample range of motion while ensuring stability during intense bouts. The palm padding absorbs impact when strikers connect with one another. 

Professional-grade MMA gloves are made of tough synthetic leather. Depending on what rules your MMA group follows, you might wear them on your feet or rope with them.

The gloves you want for MMA, also known as mixed martial arts, are here. These gloves are available in different styles, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re made with foam and a long cuff.

MMA Gloves and Heavy Bag 

You should wear MMA gloves on a heavy bag just as often as you would use them for sparring. Make sure the glove is tightly fastened around your palm and wrist area, where there is no padding. If you feel any discomfort from striking the bag with MMA gloves or any undue pressure, it is time to retire them or adjust your technique.

No matter how much you love your weight bag, it is best to avoid injuries by taking a break from time to time. Fight gloves are usually worn during combat sports and martial arts. The gloves generally have 4-ounce weight inserts that can be inserted into the palm area for added protection against heavy use. Other than during sparring, MMA gloves can be used on heavy bags to tap out a rhythm or train in punch combinations.

MMA fighters wear padded body protectors to lessen the risk of injury from strikes they receive during competition and training. 

Ultimately, those who are already boxing shouldn’t use these gloves because they should be focusing on their boxing and not crossing over to another sport like Muay Thai. Even though the canvas will prevent direct elbow strikes, some might feel uncomfortable doing so while wearing the gloves. Boxing gloves available at Wholesale Boxing Gear are very comfortable. There is a variety of gloves available, along with affordable boxing equipment. 

Types of MMA Gloves 

Following are the different types of MMA gloves available:

Wrestling/grappling and full-contact karate both rely heavily on hand strikes as central to their fighting and training regimens, so these gloves are padded to protect your hands.

Training/sparring: Gloves for training let your hands move freely and protect your knuckles from impacts. While practice gear is much less protective than competition gloves, it’s perfect for letting you hone your moves before they go in front of an audience.

Bag work gloves are special padded gloves used in training. They protect your hands while you hit the heavy bag, but they can also allow you to still hold onto it. You wear the bag work gloves while you are training because they protect your knuckles while hitting the bag, but they can also allow you to grip the bag.

Bag gloves are specially made to protect your hands from the heavy bag you’re hitting but also allow you to grab onto it so you can punch it. These gloves are great if you do both bag work and sparring.

MMA fighting requires the use of both hands to inflict injury on an opponent, so modern MMA fights all employ gloves for durability and protection. Proponents of the sport argue that boxing gloves can’t handle the same amount of punishment before breaking or wearing out as MMA gloves are designed to endure.


  1. Should you use MMA gloves or boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves, differentiated from MMA gloves, are designed specifically for boxing, while MMA gloves are designed specifically for MMA. If you are going to be training in both areas, consider purchasing a pair of each type of glove.

  1. Can I hit heavy ag with MMA Glove?

You can absolutely use MMA gloves on a heavy bag.

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