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Which Foiling Can Long Last On Your Food Boxes

Which Foiling Can Long Last On Your Food Boxes
Which foiling can long last on your food boxes

Foiling is one of the most utilized techniques in printing that has wide applications in food packaging boxes, stationery, fashion accessory packaging, and several other aspects. According to the required design, this comprises a thin sheet of foil, whether gold or silver, embossed on the surface using hot rollers. The technique is now also known as hot stamping and provides enhanced visuals.

Applications of foiling

Foil stamping, also known as the foil embossing technique, consists of a thin foil film coated with colors (usually gold and silver). The film is applied to the printing surface and is treated with heat emitted by a roller. The pigment on the film, which acts as a carrier, is shifted on the printing surface during heat activation. Once the color is turned on the surface, another layer of heat-activated adhesive is applied to make the foil last longer. You can use the method for printing all sorts of paper stock materials, and it provides compelling visuals on all kinds of surfaces ranging from flat top textured ones.

Packaging box manufacturers can provide you with creative formats of foil embossing for all sorts of packaging designs. With this technique, all designs can be printed from custom cookie boxes to other packaging solutions such as gable boxes and white bakery boxes. Foil embossing can be done by using several different technologies to acquire a high-quality finish; here are some types of hot stamping techniques.

Types Of Foil Stamping For Food Packaging Boxes

You can select from these four stamping techniques based on the base of the material to be printed and the required design you want. All of the methods function by heat pigment method, and the quality can vary on the selection of material to be printed.

1: Flat Foiling Technique 

This foiling technique is the simplest and most economical process for stamping. A copper or magnesium metal stamp is utilized to make the film transfer the pigment on the custom cardboard lunch boxes or any other box to be printed. The foiling achieved by this process is a bit raised from the actual surface of the box. You can use this method for printing food and beverage boxes in a format where the logo and tagline of the respective brand are elevated on the surface.

2: The Vertical Foil Stamping Technique

The foiling technique is used to print dessert boxes and other packaging solutions that are premium in nature. The process consists of several stages where the foil is precut according to circular or vertical design and applied on the required surface. This procedure can print food tray sleeves.

3: Sculpted Foil Stamping For Your Food Boxes

This style effectively provides vivid visibility to the embossed message as it is clearly defined, and craved looks are due to the raised nature of the design. You can print French fry cartons and other packaging solutions with this technique. The process comprises the use of brass dies to achieve the raised surface.

4: Peripheral Foil Stamping

The technique consists of several steps to heat the entire foil before the application. The outer parameters of the boxes are also heated to get better foiling results. This technique can print food subscription boxes and other sorts of packaging designs.

Types of foils used In The Process

Several foils are used in the process; the selection of the suitable foil can depend on the nature of the material on which the printing has to be done. The characteristics of each foil are different, and they can widely affect the quality of the printing. The selection of foil for fries cartons can differ from other designs. Here are the elemental foils used in the industry.

  • Metallic foil: This foil effectively provides elevated visuals to the printed message. The style comprises silver, blue, gold, red, copper, and green colors. These foils can be used to print food boxes and similar types of packaging.
  • Matte pigment foil: This type of foil provides muted visuals to the message, and the depth is intense. This printing style effectively provides a premium feel to the communicated message, and the applications are not limited. The technique can be used for window food boxes as the format feels luxurious.
  • Gloss pigment foil: This style is glossy and non-metallic, and the finish varies in different colors. You can use this foiling style for several types, such as beverage packaging.
  • Holographic foil: These foils are of high contrast with a holographic appeal that can shift colors. The style feels highly futuristic and eye-popping and can be used to print food boxes.

Foiling is one of the best options for elevating the feel of packaging design. There are various options available in these foils, and the technique can be selected by the required methods and the nature of the material to be printed. But after an overview, we can say that hot foil stamping is the best and results in a long-lasting printing that can stay intact for an extended period. The pigment is applied with the heating method, and the external layer of the heat-activated adhesive results in a strong lamination, which is functional for an extended period.


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