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Why More Residents Are Adding Pool To Their Houses

<strong>Why More Residents Are Adding Pool To Their Houses</strong>
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Do you want to add a swimming pool to your home, but you are not sure yet? If you are, then you are not alone. 

In the US alone, there are about 10.4 million residential swimming pools. In fact, there are fewer public swimming pools than there are residential swimming pools.

Homeowners all over the world continue to add swimming pools to their homes as they have become a popular addition to backyard areas and patios in many modern homes.

Why are pools so popular? Why do people keep adding them to their homes? If you are looking for reasons to construct a pool at home, then in this article, you’ll find some of the major reasons why residents are adding pools to their houses.

1. It’s good for your health 

One of the many reasons why residents in the UK are adding pools to their homes is because of the health benefits that swimming offers. It might surprise you to know that swimming is one of the best ways to build muscle stamina and strength.

Swimming also doubles as a low-impact way for people with sore joints or arthritis to exercise. Swimming is also good for improving a person’s cardiovascular health.

Adding a pool to your backyard or patio allows you and your family to have hours of low-impact but fun and effective exercise.

2. It relieves stress

Asides from having a cool body of water to dip your feet in or gaze upon, swimming actually relieves stress. According to a study carried out by Speedo, 74% of the people surveyed said that swimming helps them to release both mental and physical stress.

The study participant also stated that swimming has a positive mental impact—70% of the participants said that swimming makes them feel mentally refreshed. 

Just imagine how you’d feel knowing that after a stressful day at work, you’ll be returning to your very own de-stressing pool.

3. It improves the aesthetic of your home

Do you know that adding a pool to your home improves the aesthetic (visual appeal) of your home? Well, now you do. When it comes to adding a pool to your home, the options are almost endless. Most of the time, the only factor that’ll limit your options is your budget and the available space for the pool.

4. To beat the heat

Summer is the hottest season of the year and many residents in the UK or homeowners install pools in their homes to beat the heat. 

Whether you intend to quickly get in and get out or you want to spend the rest of the day in the pool, there is nothing as refreshing as jumping into a pool on a hot day.

Having a pool in your home means that you won’t have to spend your day indoors, running your air conditioner all day long. This is an additional benefit for you because it helps you save on electricity since you’ll be having fun in your pool on a sunny day rather than staying inside and running your air conditioner.


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