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What to consider when choosing timber flooring options for your home or office?

What to consider when choosing timber flooring options for your home or office?

Timber flooring is a great choice as it gives an inviting and natural look to any space, it is stylish and simple to maintain and more healthy than carpets. There are numerous aspects to take into consideration in evaluating your hardwood flooring choices. Let’s look at a handful of.

What kind of flooring should you choose?

Perhaps the most difficult choice to make is the flooring you choose to install. There are numerous options, that can be classified in three categories: bamboo, engineered and hardwood. All of them are recycled, natural wooden boards, which are sought-after across Australia because of their beauty and their durability.

Timber that is engineered

Engineered timber flooring is constructed by gluing various types of wood, mostly plywood, and then putting on an additional layer of surface to the top. It is practical since it comes in a variety of colours and grain choices and the flooring are able to be cut into the length that you need. All of this is done off-site which makes installation simple, and fairly mess and smell-free.

Engineered timber offers the appearance of hardwood floor, but at a cheaper cost.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is among the greenest alternatives to choose from for flooring since it’s an extremely durable and rapid growing plant. It also gives homes with beautiful natural feel and look.

Solid Timber Flooring

The type of flooring described above is made from solid, natural wood. It is sandable and is therefore able to be refinished several times. When you sand the floor as necessary, you will be able to keep it looking brand new even after years of usage. They also give an organic look and are durable.


The price can be drastically different depending the type of wood you select. Consider the total area you need flooring for and then request multiple estimates from different sources before settling. You can use different types of wood in different areas to bring the price down, if needed. Make sure you have enough cost for any additional items such as the acoustic floor or a vapour barrier


The quality of your wood will determine its lifespan, but the color creates an atmosphere and can have a massive impact on any room. First, consider any centrepieces or architectural elements into consideration, and then colour your flooring according to.

The finishing applied to your wood can also have an impact on. Oil-based finishes can impart the appearance of gold, while water-based finishes leave the original colour to give a natural appearance.

If you are installing wooden flooring on smaller spaces it is recommended to choose lighter colors to increase the brightness as darker colors can be utilized in areas that receive a good amount of daylight. Darker floors can also conceal dirt better and should be utilized in places with high traffic.

When choosing a colour to be aware that the true color of your flooring will only be apparent after it is sanded and sanded.


When installing any floor, make sure to check the cost of maintenance since some floors will require more maintenance than other floors. Solid timber is very durable, but it needs to be sealed properly immediately following installation in order to ensure its effectiveness. Wood floors, if restored and properly installed will not require much maintenance. However, floors that are in areas with high traffic require greater time and care than other floors.

The Environment

This is why many people choose the laminate floor in Perth. Laminate flooring appears natural, yet it typically uses the least amount of natural substances to make it. It is made of recycled natural resources that are suitable for use in high-volume environments it is recyclable, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

This is the start-up guide for installing your wood flooring. Be sure to consider, prior to making any decision, conduct the most thorough research you can. Look at as many examples from the homes you have visited and talkwith specialists. The outcome are worth the effort.


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