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Home Tech Worry eaters – a psychological trick for children and adults

Worry eaters – a psychological trick for children and adults

Worry eaters – a psychological trick for children and adults

In all phases of life, there are situations in which fears and worries plague us. how to make a remote control car drift is especially true for childhood. In such a case, a worry eater is a great help. Such a plush toy offers the opportunity to articulate the worries and relieve the soul. There are different models for this, which are particularly suitable for both girls and boys.

What do you do with a worry eater?

Especially for children, there are many situations that seem threatening and overwhelming. This can be the first day in kindergarten or school, but also performance stress, quarrels with friends and heartache are part of it. Such worries are often manifested by fears or nightmares. But adults also go through phases of overstraining again and again. This is the case when professional stress burdens the soul, relatives become ill and need to be cared for or another stroke of fate occurs.

A worry eater helps to face such fears and articulate them. For example, children can paint a picture or write down their worries and give the worry eater to eat via a zipper. By expressing such fears, many children feel relief. The plush toy can wait in bed at home or accompany the child in the satchel. The parents can get the notes out of the worry eater and know exactly what burdens their offspring. This facilitates the search for suitable solutions. Even adults such as worry eaters also help to formulate fears and thereby free themselves from them to a certain extent.

What is the psychological value of the plush toys against grief?

Worry eaters take advantage of a psychological phenomenon: worries are always much more threatening as long as they are not expressed. In such a case, especially children have to deal with their fears themselves and keep them to themselves inside. There, such worries gnaw and lead to stress caused by nightmares or real physical impairments. A worry eater counteracts this problem by inviting the children to put their fears on paper and let them “eat up”.

The plush toys are therefore a good way to take some pressure out of the system. If the children regularly have nightmares and develop fears of school, a club visit, or other things, they often do not have the peace to face the problems. However, such a worry eater cannot eliminate the fears alone. It is important to actively address the concerns expressed and to look for suitable solutions. Children need their parents for this, adults can seek advice from friends or get psychological help.

Which worry eaters are there?

There is a considerable selection of worry eaters. This ensures that there is the right model for every taste and that the children can choose a friend who suits them wonderfully. rc car for kids important distinguishing features in the selection are the size, color, design, and material. There are worry eaters in very different sizes. Some are designed as small key rings, others are remarkably large with a length of 48 cm. When buying, among other things, the height, weight, and age recommendation should be taken into account.

The worry eaters are designed to appeal to children and adults and to inspire confidence. They are loving monsters. They have a friendly nature but are strong enough to eat and combat worries. Models such as Schnulli are particularly wide and offer plenty of space for worries. Worry-eater Nele is faithful as an angel and plays away from the worries with her harp. The favorite hobby of the worry-eater monkey Fred is swinging. He thus teaches children and adults to stay calm.


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